Viewer interaction an important element in new show

In a deal with toto sgp Television, Two Way TV and Zone4Play’s betting brand, The Winner Channel are launching a play-along TV poker show branded Face Up Hold ‘Em. The two hour play-along show will be broadcast daily on Sky on the PokerZone TV channel.


During the show, produced by Two Way TV, a Texas Hold ‘Em poker game is played live with every hand revealed to viewers at home. Viewers can play-along by predicting which player will win at the start of every round. At every step of the game viewers get to see the mathematical strength of each players’ hand to help make their predictions. The show features live expert commentary from PokerZone TV’s pundits.


Interaction is via IVR and home players can play for fun, or can bet on the outcome of each game for real money. The minimum stake is GBP 1. The betting component of the show is run under Two Way TV’s bookmaking license and adds another betting platform to Two Way’s portfolio of betting products. These include mobile, on-line, red button and IVR-based betting.


Jim Sibcy, managing director of PokerZone TV, commented: “Face Up Hold ‘Em adds a new dimension to poker programming – it’s educational for players, and it offers everyone at home the chance of playing along for fun or for real money. We think this is a great addition to our channel”.


Jean de Fougerolles, Two Way TV’s chief executive officer, added: “The TV show is a great piece of entertainment for all types of poker players. By showing the strength of each hand as the game is played, even seasoned players will learn a thing or two – for example, it’s revealing to see how dramatically the strength of a great opening hand, like a King / Ace can change when another King appears in one or your opponents’ pocket cards. You just don’t get this in regular poker shows.”


Two Way TV launched its betting brand, The Winner Channel, on the ntl and Telewest broadband cable platforms last year and also offers betting products on mobile phones and the internet. This new deal follows last week’s news that Endemol UK granted Two Way TV the rights to create and run a betting format on The Winner Channel based on Channel 4’s game show Deal or No Deal. In May The Winner Channel announced an exclusive partnership with Teletext. Other affiliates of The Winner Channel include Flextech TV, Channel 4 and Mad4Games.


WSOP 2005 – June 29th, by Peter CostaAfter a succession of late nights and no cashes, I had an uneventful couple of tournaments with early exits. I hoped that the $5K Stud, $2,500 PLH and the $5K Limit tournaments would bring better joy.


Having grown up playing Stud, I eagerly awaited my favorite Limit game. With just under 200 starters, I knew I had a great chance in this one. During the dinner break, Joe Ewada (defending champion) asked me when I started playing Stud. I think the question came about from my rather selective starting-hand selection. When I explained that we only played Pot Limit Stud in the UK – he understood why most of my winning hands consisted of a full-house. Lets just say that with Pot Limit Stud, your starting hands better be good!


After dinner though, it all seemed to change for the worse. With around 17K (above average) and playing limits of 600-1200, any major beat would prove really costly. Trust me to go and get into a betting war with the one loose player at my table. But what can you do when you know he is trying to make a major move on you? Showing 9c-Td -Jd, he decides to go to war by representing a made hand. Showing a J-4-Q, and a J-Q in the hole – I could just not take him for what he represented. The fact that he checked-raised on sixth when he hit a Ks – did not convince me either. Another war ensued. But by just calling my raise, I knew that my two pair were still good. However, his bet after the last card was a clear indication that I had lost more than 50% of my stack in this hand. He had started with 3 clubs (Kc-2c) 9c. The 2 on the river was to prove my downfall. I just didn’t recover after that and busted with around 50 to go. Joe went on to make the final again – I took a day off and waited for the PLH.


It seems that the dinner-break was a stumbling-block for me. Just under average chips with 10K – I found that hands were hard to come by. For Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi, it was the opposite. Sitting to my left and stacked-up to the heavens – he was dealt A-A four times in the space of one round. In the meantime – I had to make a stand with several garbage hands. In the end, “The Grinder” had me again when we went to war on the blinds. I knew that my two over-cards had no chance against his 7-7. Another wasted late night. But no complaints, I wouldn’t change this life for my old one – that’s for sure!


My consolation of being able to play the $5K Limit, was to no avail. I never really got going in this event. You know those kind of days – A-Ks and A-Q’s keep missing the flop – but not when you have J-J or T-T.


I am now getting ready for the short-handed $5K NLH – having missed the first of these new WSOP events – I will give this one a shot. At least with No-Limit, we don’t necessarily need to hit flops….


Until next time – play well, get lucky and keep trying!