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Expert iGambling IDN Slot Tips


We asked several Internet gambling gurus, “What’s the best advice you would give to an online gambler?” Here are their responses.


Mark Balestra, Author: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Online Gambling

“Never EVER lose sight of the fact that you’re playing with real money. And if you have problems controlling your spending, stop playing. Period.”


Spearmaster: Got2Bet.com

“Patience, patience, patience. Patience because getting paid your winnings takes time. Patience because you should only gamble for entertainment – not because you want to chase losses. Patience because you need to spend time looking for a suitable casino – and not jump in the deep end. Take your time – select a good casino, choose only games which you understand the strategies for, and be patient while playing and while waiting for winnings.”


Rick Jessup: GamingJackpots.com

“Know your limits. Gambling is entertainment, not employment. If you’re down, cool off for the night. If you’re up, tuck your original deposit away and bet the winnings.”


Michael Shackleford: The Wizard of Odds

“Choose where you play carefully. Good Internet casinos are those that play fairly and pay winners timely and without having to be nagged. I don’t want to name any casinos in particular but the bulletin boards are a good way to know which ones to avoid. Signs of a good casino are toll free phone support, a professional looking web site, access to historical play records, and an independent auditor to verify payouts and/or randomness.”


Bill Haywood: RGE21.com

“If you are playing the bonuses, give 10-20x the deposit in action (and with healthy sized bets). It really does not eat up that much of the edge. You’ll lose the full deposit from time to time, but collect more at the places you do win. Saves hassles.”


Eric Morris, Publisher: Gambling Online Magazine

“The best tip I could give is to only play with a site that you have researched, has a customer service telephone number, and advertises both off and online. Generally, if a site advertises both on and offline, they will have the money to pay out winnings.”


Bryan Bailey: Casinomeister.com

“Do your research and stick with the IDN Slot¬†casinos that are here for the long haul. Stay loyal. Participate in their promos, but at times make an occasional bonus-free deposit. These are businesses that appreciate player loyalty, and the good ones will usually provide incentives to keep you happy.”


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