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How to Play Video Poker at casinoextra.fr



Video poker is just like five card draw except that ye are not trying to beat other players hands. Instead, the goal is to make the best possible five-card hand in order to collect winnings as determined by the games payout schedule. Winning (payable) hands depend on the game type (see Variations below). Here is an example of a payout schedule fer “Jacks or Better:” (Machine Type 9/6)


Note that ye have the option to “Bet 1,” “Bet 2,” and so on. The “Bet” varies from machine to machine. The most popular games are quarter or dollar machines. Some games offer lower or much higher bets.


Once ye find a machine that offers bets in yer ‘comfort range,’ yer ready to begin! To start, ye must first make a deposit. Once ye have money (credits) available, the next decision ye need to make is how many ‘bets’ ye want to make. This bet can be anywhere from one to five ‘coins’ or ‘credits.’ Fer example, on a quarter machine, ye can bet one quarter or as much as five quarters per hand. The more money wagered, the more money ye can win when ye land a winning (payable) hand. Therefore, ye need to familiarize yerself with the ranking of hands, starting from highest to lowest:


Five of a Kind*

Royal Flush

Straight Flush

Four of a Kind

Full House



Three of a Kind

Two Pair

A Pair

*possible when using a Joker or Wild Card



Once ye decide how many credits to bet, hit the “Deal/Draw” button to receive five cards, all face up. At this point, ye have the option of keeping or replacing any of these cards. Once ye have designated each card to ‘hold’ or ‘draw’, ye hit the “Deal/Draw” button again and all cards ye designated as ‘draw’ will be replaced to form yer final hand. If yer final hand is reflected on the payout schedule, ye’ve got yerself a winner and will be paid according to the payout schedule. Using the payout schedule above, if yer playing a quarter machine, and ye ‘bet 3’ (75 cents) and yer final hand is ‘two pair’ ye’ll collect 2 x 75 cents. ($1.50) visitez le site


Captains Tip: Placing 5 bets or “max credits” typically results in a larger payout when ye hit a ‘big hand.’ In the example above, note that the payout increases substantially if ye bet ‘max credits’ and hit a royal flush.


Casino Captain


Strategy.  Yer goal is to get a “payable” hand. That is, ye want to get at least the minimum payout hand possible.  Fer example, in ” Jacks or Better” yer lookin to get at least a pair of jacks or better to at least get yer bet back. To increase yer chances of ‘beating the house,’ ye want to play with a good strategy. Playing with good (perfect) strategy avoids guessing and therefore increases yer chances of winning! It is important to note that the strategy fer video poker is different from the strategy in live poker. Basic strategy is easy to learn and yer well-advised to take advantage of this resource and apply it to yer play. Check out me strategy fer Jacks or Better…


Captains Tip: Once ye are dealt yer initial five cards, look at the list below to determine which cards to hold. Keep in mind that these are ranked from best to worst case scenario. If ye got more than one of these situations in yer hand, go for the one closest to the top o’ the list, matey!


Casino Captain



Jacks or Better Strategy


*Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind*

4 cards of a Royal Flush

*Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind*

4 cards of a Straight Flush

Two Pair

A pair of Jacks or higher

3 cards of a Royal Flush

4 cards of the same suit

A pair of Tens or lower

4 cards in a row

2 cards that are Jacks or higher and the same suit

3 cards of a Straight Flush

2 cards that are Jacks or higher, but not the same suit

A 10/J, 10/Q, or 10/K of the same suit

One Jack or higher

*None of the above*

*Hold all cards in these hands and go collect yer winnings ye lucky dog!

*Rotten luck. Discard everything, say a prayer and take five new ones


Captains Tip: My top rated site, Golden Palace has the perfect strategy fer every game variation – it tells ye which cards to hold and which cards to draw every time ye play!


Casino Captain


Machine Odds.  Look fer the best type of machine to play – the ones that give ye the best odds! Here is a listing: (Note: “9/6” means the machine pays 9 coins on a Full House and 6 coins on a Flush.)


Hand Odds. To give ye a sense of the math, there are 2,598,960 different hand combination possibilities in video poker. Avast! Not to worry mate. How often a specific hand appears will vary depending on the type of machine ye are playing as well. Deuces Wild will be different from Jokers Wild which will be different from Jacks or Better. Here are the odds fer the 9/6 Jacks or Better machine to give ye an idea:




visitez le site

Poker Trips – Pamela, Doyle, Pokerwize – chericasino.net



If you missed it, Pam Anderson and Kid Rock had a live chat last weekend on pamelapoker.com. John’s friend sent a snippet of the session (which I’ll post later), but the highlights apparently were about baby poop and that Cindy Crawford was baby-sitting for them. (Not sure but I think the baby’s name is “kid Kid Rock”)


Pam’s been busy. A few days after the chat, PamelaPoker (part of the Doyle Brunson network) planned a march in Washington to keep online poker legal. Really. Is that wild or what? Not sure how I feel about the idea, but hey. Good luck. Don’t know if she was actually there or not.


Pokerwize has a cool idea for poker software: 3D characters AND VoIP. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is basically a way to make free (or cheap) phone calls from your computer. (Read all about it at VoIP Now, VoIP Lowdown, and VoIP-Sol.) But now you can actually voice chat with other players as you play. I can’t tell you much about the software as I’m downloading all 300 Mb of the full version right now. There’s also a llight version. I’ve never heard of this and don’t know what Pokerwize is thinking, but they’re actually going to charge for the software after Sep 30. So if you want to try it out, go there now.


John and I have some tutorials planned for the future for complete newbies, so stay tuned if that’s you. We’re going to test Phil Hellmuth’s idea (I think it was his; it’s early Saturday morning and I’m groggy) that you can make money in online limit Hold’em ($1/$2 blinds) by playing tight. I’m modifying his hypothesis and we’ll test the idea and report back.


YouTube: 2006 WSOP Final Poker Hand: Jamie Gold vs Paul Wasicka


Found this clip of the final hand for this year’s 2006 WSOP poker tournament. It was down to Jamie Gold, the Hollywood agent, versus Paul Wasicka, who I’ve not heard of before. Unfortunately, the volume is really low, so you’ll have crank it up (and don’t forget to turn it back down so you don’t blow your speakers on some other audio). You may have to click through on the title of this post to actually see the video. visitez le site



visitez le site

Phil Gordon’s “Poker: The Real Deal” – cbetcasino.fr



Phil Gordon has been able to parlay his success in the 2001 World Series of Poker into quite a professional career. He has won two World Poker Tour championships and has been able to make “Celebrity Poker Showdown” on Bravo a big hit for that cable network. In dealing with the celebrities making their, in many cases, first run at a poker table, Phil often offers up a before the tournament tutorial to help them with their game. With “Poker: The Real Deal,” Phil has been able to take these tutorials, expand on them, and make the book a worthwhile investment for most any player.


“I love teaching the game,” Phil said to me in an interview. “I truly believe that almost everyone can be a champion poker player given enough time, motivation, energy, patience, and courage.” For the beginning player, “The Real Deal” is an excellent book, taking into account all phases of a player’s development. It literally starts with picking up the cards and looking at them, then begins climbing the ladder into small home games, micro-limit Holdem online, and gradually moves up through the levels of play to the ultimate for any poker player, the Main Event of the World Series of Poker.


For the intermediate to high level player, there is still a great deal of value to the book. It analyzes potential leaks that a player may have and offers some form of treatment that may be used to rectify the illness. It puts and emphasis on the power of strong play and the bluff as a tool to use. It also can be used as a salve to those who have been on the receiving end of the “bad beat” train, through the re-emphasis of aggressive play of starting hands and their occasional losing outcomes.


Two things make me recommend “Poker: The Real Deal” as a quality book that every poker player should have. One, Phil often refers to many other great poker books that a student can refer to, to either reference the information that he is offering or, in some cases and through the permission of its authors, illustrate it outright. There are many useful quizzes throughout the book, as well. Through the study of these a player can get some insight to making stronger plays in their own game and, if they have trouble laying down big hands, get a feel for when their big hands are beaten. visitez le site


The book is quite well written and in a seemingly conversational style. It is a quality book as well, hardbacked and with a full 280 pages of information. There is a great “history of poker” section that starts off the book that, while not critical to play, is nice information to have at your next dinner party.


While it only looks at Limit and No-Limit Texas Holdem, Phil Gordon has come up with an excellent tome, something that any player of any ability should have. It does whet the appetite for his promised “advanced” book that he has said will be a definitive guide to Texas Holdem. Until that time, “Poker: The Real Deal” has to be recommended as a quality entry to have for a poker player’s library. If you don’t have a library yet, this would be an excellent place to start.




visitez le site

Online Gambling Establishment Reviews


Get started with the probabilities for doing each achievable hand around the video game occur to be playing. The following position you require to understand is the payment for any give. You can learn typically the specific texas hold’em side positions for any video video online poker video match simply by checking out it is paytable, which usually we’ll describe in a min. Considering you understand the menace and also the incentive for the particular video clip match you aim to play, you could establish precisely which relocates to generate. To make this right choices inside online video media clip texas hold them, you require to understand the hazard and in addition the benefit behind each play. The obligations get symmetrical to the range of coins you wager, with a spin and rewrite: An individual obtain a super-big award of 4000X when you gamble the ideal 5 gold coins as well since make a Royal. You can see these tables on top of the video game display screen; payments can be detailed regarding wagers changing from a person to the optimal several coins, and also in Jacks or Better, these gold coins vary in dimensions from 5 cents for you to $5.

Wagering the max at five cents can certainly help you decrease the particular home side whilst maintaining the same-size wager in case you have recently been wagering one 25-cent coin per hand. Concurrently, Tri-Card The state of visitez le site has a home aspect of 3. 37% when you enjoy efficiently, while Jacks or perhaps Better in Ignition includes a temporary home side of 0. 46%. You will not discover quite a few gambling establishment games with a home section the fact that low; however, it takes a while as effectively as initiative to determine your video clip online on line casino further talents and furthermore understand the suitable strategy for a anyone gaming.

With simply one spin and rewrite, you can come to be an immediate millionaire, consequently their tremendous elegance. By means of methods of dock producers, the only genuine choices to be designed are exactly how a good deal to be able to bet and the length regarding time you would like to devote seeing the tyre spin. This specific suggests you need to constantly use the “Wager Max” swap if you desire the lowest priced home side feasible. Precisely as it pertains to video cut internet poker, gamers typically do not chat regarding the home side rapid these people discuss Go back to help Game addict (RTP). The house acquires the various additional 0. 46%. When anyone add those a couple of percents together, you always must acquire a worth of 1.