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Online result china Cheating – What to Watch Out For?


Real result china players also like to play online. Facebook is an ideal place to play poker online. Everyone knows Farmville, and poker leagues look similar on Facebook.

If you want to play poker on Facebook, you are spoiled for choice. Zynga, also known as the maker of Farmville, also offers poker games. The poker app “Zyngas Texas Holdem” brings together 28 million players without playing for money. When the chips are used up, new ones are given to you. You can also exchange chips among friends, but not buy them. Of course, playing poker is also fun! Most importantly, inexperienced players can play poker on Facebook without losing any money.

Other online poker apps on Facebook include Poker Palace and Poker Texas Holdem by Game Desire. The advantage of the last app is that it is available in 20 different languages, including German. This means that players who do not speak English can also take part.

However, there are also various providers of leagues or poker competitions with real money stakes. Pokerstars offers a $11 poker league. There are a total of three entry levels, each with three prizes. You can join this poker league every day from 8 p.m., in the third division at 3,000 chips, in the second at $110 and in the first at $11.

The ace up your sleeve or an unobtrusive clearing of your throat at the poker table is mere childishness compared to the dirty tricks used in internet poker. Even established online poker professionals are affected by the hacker attacks.

Not long ago, a fraud case that resulted in millions of dollars in damages caused a media furore. Allegedly, a German fellow player used a spy program that he had installed on the computers of online poker greats to gain an insight into their cards. However, this trick was only possible for him because in the professional scene of online poker, as in this case, most of the time people know each other personally and he thus had access to his opponent’s computer. But what does the average poker player have to worry about. What are the risks for the average Joe gambler?

High-tech crooks – This is how online poker is cheated

Especially with smaller sums, as they usually circulate in the poker rooms of the World Wide Web, small deceptions are usually hardly noticeable. While cases of fraud among professionals are mostly a case for computer specialists, dishonest players in amateur circles cheat with comparatively simple means.

An easy way to cheat is called multi-accounting. As the name suggests, a player logs in with several user accounts at the same time. If they then end up at the same table, the chances of winning naturally increase. However, there is now increased action against this by requesting a copy of an ID card when winnings are paid out.

Fraud via so-called poker bots is less conspicuous but much more complex. These are computer programs that take the place of real players and can even compete at a very high level, since a lot of poker can be calculated.

How to unobtrusively improve your game

In addition to the obvious manipulations, there are also more subtle ways that you can gain an advantage. One variant is ghosting. However, behind this is nothing more than taking a coach to help you, who literally stands by your side in difficult situations. Actually, it would hardly be called fraud, since it is almost impossible to prove and the usefulness of the trick is usually kept within manageable limits. Since poker is more than just a game of chance, the swindle game is very unlikely to be worthwhile for inexperienced gamblers. It is better to invest some time in practice. As you know, that makes perfect.



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