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New Opportunities Of Online Casino – Gambling w88 link

If you cannot enjoy real-time, FuboTV includes 30 hrs of cloud DVR room, along with a 72-hour look-back function, which permits you to view the video game on-demand within three days of its verdict, also if you do not tape it. Although we never assure 100% favorable outcomes simply since it is an issue of opportunity, we can assure you that our wagers are as exact as they can potentially be. Not every person will certainly fit our dimensions, as well as several of the most effective forecasts on the planet will certainly not also obtain detailed right here. Each of our studies on informants is complimentary for our perusers to obtain to. Also, you will certainly uncover a wonderful numerous complimentary and also paid informants audits as well as ideas every day on both auto racing as well as numerous various sporting activities and also the leading football forecast websites. Though it is real that Colorado had not been as hostile as some eastern states fresh Jersey as well as Pennsylvania in legislating sporting activities wagering adhering to the May 2018 Supreme Court overrule of the Professional and also Amateur Sports Protection (PASPA), its legislators were primarily merged amidst a 2019 press to make it a fact.

On May 14, the Supreme Court stated PASPA unconstitutional in Murphy vs. You require to recognize even more regarding the video game and also the trivialities. It, essentially, indicates many more threats. Learn much more regarding the most effective steed auto racing informants! Our leading one and also 2, for tipster, example and also Betegy w88 mobile – deal both football forecast as well as Tipstrr is rated the most effective website for football forecast on the planet. But in truth, there’s no actual distinction between the finest website for football forecast worldwide or leading football forecast websites. How to Gamble Online For Real Money are a million bucks doubt nowadays for the sporting activities wagerers online. All websites for football forecast on the planet – gives a system for different sporting activities. So the action of lying is ultimately managed by the concentrates that the leading football forecast websites are suggesting. The wagering suggestions could change, which indicates a couple of complimentary informants suggestions websites are recommending a whole lot of conversations.

With the assistance of the web, it is very easy to discover a trusted wagering website as well as one that has one of the most trustworthy bookies, for this reason, the opportunity of locating all sorts of football wagering deals that are complimentary. They use cost-free suggestions every day with an added focus on as well as before one of the most popular video games as well as leading football forecast websites. Today Betting Tips is a football figure website that assists punters forecast football suits based upon diverse stats as well as w88 link mobile chances. Best forecast website on the planet – that are they? This listing over the ideal forecast website worldwide is the primary path and also the ideal network for you to utilize if you have an interest in obtaining the most effective forecasts. To have the choice to show as well as reveal our considerations concerning the examinations over the leading football forecast websites, we have chosen to be as simple as would certainly be sensible.




Betting Is Such An Exciting Activity


This is additionally among the factor for the enhancing variety of on-line target markets than the individuals that most likely to enjoy the suit live. There are also individuals such as the sporting activities that their household likes to view for years. As a result of the different injuries that are triggered while playing the sporting activity, FIFA has made it compulsory for the expert footballers to use shin guards on both legs. This attribute assists the footballers in obtaining an excellent hold of the surface area as well as aids to run quickly as well as transform without falling or sliding on the ground. Shorts are jackets are additionally put on by the footballers, and also these are made from top quality products, elastic as well as have high endurance. There are lots of sporting activities fans on the planet, as well as their selection of places, differs from one an additional.

Globe Soccer League uses comparable W88 game play to PES and also FIFA, at a much minimal impact. Video gaming uses an exclusive selection of video games to have fun with. These stores supply different sorts of devices(s) that are needed for playing various video games. Nevertheless, the ones that are used while playing inside your home have a level base. Playing dream football for cash is not simply a method to earn money; it can additionally be a method for you to appreciate the video game you enjoy: America’s specialist National Football League. Wager UK deals wagering markets on every Premier League suit, along with consistently upgraded straight-out markets throughout the period.

There is most current as well as upgraded information on your favored LinkW88moinhat gamers, or the group as well as see what the current tourneys taking place are. Whenever a search is carried out about one of the most favored sporting activities among all, NCAA Football Picks is discovered to be the leading solution. If an on the internet betting site is real before you determine to bet real money, it is vital to find out. You do not intend to position your wager on an illegal Internet website.

Given that the web came right into the marketplace, it has made several jobs also interesting and very easy. Individuals utilize this innovation also to enjoy sporting activities. Invite to the BetBright Blog, the residence of sporting activities wagering information, sights, probabilities as well as point of view on the marketplaces that matter!



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Best Real Money Casino Sites In 2020


Online Texas hold ’em provides you the opportunity to play Texas hold ’em in the house when you cannot see the gaming club website. People do not have good manners yet in like way understanding. Genuine wagering structures regularly have a sort of clothes common equally as online club locations. Also, on-line texas holds them areas that do not usually so really you have an opportunity to win countless cash while you are used your underpants.

On the off possibility that you such as to play Texas Hold ‘me anyhow they simply play texas hold’em at the neighborhood gaming club page you can basically open your PC your very own unique lounge area and also most likely to an online casino poker area as well as moreover play Texas Hold ‘me as well as additionally you can select them in advance financial investment or arrests without any individual else as opposed to providing the gaming club a possibility to internet site choice it for you. 0.02 in blinds, or on the occasion that you have concerns concerning taking an opportunity with your cash in gaming club online poker, you can choose to mess around with play money.

At the factor when you play situs judi online club texas hold’em in the real online club, you can not utilize some kind of incentive code to flex over your ahead of time installation yet in case you play on the internet you can. Some blackjack video games play European-style, in contrast to offering the dealership the opening card before the gamer acts. If the participant wins, there are lots of types of games that a bettor can play and also get amazing returns on his investment. In this day and also age, lots of actual cash gambling establishment websites are fighting it out, yet not every one of them has great purposes. The physical gaming facilities have one gold policy in location – ensure you may have REAL cash before entering into.

You will certainly be directed via the procedure with dialog punctual and also can make down payment as well as case incentives in no time at all levels. Once you have figured out the reliability of the website, the following action needs to be to examine the down payment as well as withdrawal choices. Once you’re all set to make a down payment at an official online casino website, you’ll have the ability to declare an added benefit. As an example at judi texas hold’em online you can make use of a Poker Stars benefit code and also a while later on you will favorably have even more cash to mess around with as well as moreover


The Way of the Shark – Kung Fu sanghoki


We have another contribution from one of our forum regulars, DangerMouse420, Enjoy!

Once again in this article I`m taking you to the mystic east to try and make you look at our favourite game in a different light. In many respects this article is aimed more at the beginner but hopefully even the more experienced players amongst you will find some food for thought contained within it. I`m going to have to apologise for a slightly misleading title, I know very little about kung fu other than it means practiced skill (and therefore could be applied to sanghoki ). I have studied the martial arts but I practiced ju-jitsu, however I thought kung fu would be a far more familiar martial art to mention and quite frankly a better title for this article.

So why compare the two disciplines? At first glance there is very little about poker that relates to the martial arts. One involves hard physical training the other requires long hours sat at a table or in front of a monitor. Well the most obvious similarity is discipline. If you want to be good at either you`re going to have to practice and the more you practice the better you should get. In the martial arts your fitness, strength and dexterity are areas you should work on. In poker the majority of the work you do is going to be on your concentration and reading abilities. However even in poker physical fitness can be an advantage. Many of the top professionals keep themselves physically fit because it`s been proved that the fitter you are the better you are able to maintain concentration. For most of us that play for a couple of hours a day at home this isn`t going to have a huge effect. However if you`re intending to sit at a tournament or ring table for 12+ hours it`s worth considering.

What I really want to talk about is the process of learning and this is where I feel the major similarity between poker and the martial arts lies. When I attended my first ju-jitsu class I didn`t learn one-handed throat throw as my first technique (yes there really is one, and it`s just as nasty as it sounds), I learnt how to land from a throw, I learnt the basics of kicks and punches and how to stand. The same applies to poker, before you can learn those expert plays you see the pros make you need to master the basics. If you`re a beginner you really don`t want to be raising from middle position with 7-8 suited, you`re just going to get yourself into trouble most of the time. Stick to the basics, the top ten or twenty hands until you have a solid grasp on what you`re doing and more importantly why you`re doing it. That really is a key point of this game, you should always have a reason for every action you take. If you raise, bluff, check, limp,fold, re-raise, check-raise, smoothcall, all-in, make sure you know why and that you`re selecting the best technique/play at that time. The cards you choose to play are in effect the techniques the martial artist uses in sparring and you need to practice to perfect those

Even the way we choose to play has comparisons with the martial arts. A loose- aggressive player style could be comparable with someone who practiced a hard external style (Hard or external styles rely heavily on strikes, using force to overcome an opponent. Soft or internal martial arts concentrate more on defense and use throws and locks to disable an opponent using his own strength against him) like Wing Chun whilst a tight style of play probably compares better with something like Akido, defensive but just as effective. However as poker is a game of deception where we often rely on the mistakes of others to profit it is best to mix up our style to keep our opponent off balance, in other words we want to practice a hard/soft style where we can choose to either attack or defend with equal effectiveness.

Sticking with my martial arts analogy you`re progressing through the grades, from white belt to yellow, from yellow to green, from green to blue etc. As you progress through the grades you`re learning to play different hands and use different plays just as a martial artist learns different techniques as they progress through the grading system. Be patient, you can`t learn it all in a day, week, month or even a year. One day if you practise enough you`re going to be a black belt or in poker terms a shark. However just as in the martial arts once you`ve reached those lofty heights you`re going to realise that far from knowing everything about the game you`re really only just beginning. Doyle Brunson says he learns something new everytime he plays and he`s been playing for over fifty years. If it`s true for a legend like him then it`s certainly true for all of us.…

Tips to Stay Healthy During Business School

If you’re studying for your MBA, there’s no doubt that your time is limited. Trying to find a balance between school, your relationships and your health can be difficult, if not downright impossible. What you must remember, though, is that if you don’t keep yourself healthy, you will suffer both physically and mentally. Failing health will ultimately take its toll on your studies.

While you may think that you can’t fit a health and wellness program into your hectic schedule, you’re wrong. There are very simple things that you can incorporate into your daily routine that will keep you in top physical and mental condition. You can also learn about “what are the best facial fillers“, click here


Many students consume alcohol as both a way to relax and socialize. The good news is that you don’t need alcohol to survive. Drinking is a choice that you make and something that you can just as easily give up. Alcohol not only dehydrates the body but you may also find that you are unable to concentrate on your studies thanks to a whopping hangover.


If you are living on or near campus, skip the bus, taxi or car and walk to class instead. Yes, you may have to get up a half hour earlier to make it there in time, but the health benefits far outweigh the effects of losing 30 minutes of sleep. Walking will give you more energy, help you burn calories and strengthen your muscles. If you work, try to incorporate a walk into your lunch break.


The average adult needs between six and eight hours of uninterrupted sleep per night to maintain optimum health. If you plan on getting up early to walk to class, go to bed early. You’re an adult now and your parents aren’t around to make sure you get to bed on time; it’s up to you. Remember, you can never ‘catch up’ on sleep. Sleeping in on the weekends because you skimped on sleep during the week won’t keep you healthy; only a proper sleep schedule will do that.


It’s very easy to rely on fast food when you’re on the go, but try to skip the drive-thru and cook your own meals. You may find it easier to cook on a certain day of the week and freeze your meals. A handful of nuts, a few carrot sticks or a cup of yogurt are quick and easy snacks to grab in between meals. If you know you’ll be too rushed to eat properly during the day, toss a protein or granola bar into your bag and couple it with a bottle of water for a quick, midday pick-me-up.


Yes, you can sleep when you’re dead and you can relax once you’ve earned your degree, but if you don’t take time to unwind now, you’ll soon find that you’ve run yourself right into the ground. Spend 15 or 20 minutes before bed relaxing. Read a chapter in a book (not a textbook!), take a hot bath, meditate or practice your Yoga poses; whatever activity, or non-activity, helps you unwind. Not only will you quiet your mind and body, but you will also improve your mental health simply by taking these small breaks.


Record Winnings in Internet Gambling


A 40-year-old punter has won a record £600,000 in two weeks through internet gambling.

According to The Sun, Stephen Johnson is convinced he hit a winning streak because he gave £1 to a homeless beggar.

Hours after handing over the cash, he racked up £120,000 on a web casino.

During the next fortnight he took the total to £600,000 with intensive sessions of blackjack and roulette. His amazing run makes him officially the luckiest player in online casino gambling history.

Now Stephen, a retail manager, from Oxfordshire, is in Spain to buy a house and a new sports car.

His luck run on the Ladbrokes site began with £120,000 winnings.

The next day he scooped £35,000 and 24 hours later he got another £45,000. He returned to win a further £165,000 and then landed several other large sums. On blackjack he was playing £2,000 a hand and on roulette he based his strategy around high numbers.

Gambling Stocks Outdo Themselves

The value of gaming stocks soared in November, outpacing the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index 3-to-1 and setting a string of records for the month and the year-to-date.

Driven by solid earnings and prospects for gaming proliferation, casino stocks continued to climb in November with the Applied Analysis Gaming Index of local gaming stocks up 10.4 points, or 5.4 percent, for the month, double its rate of increase in October.


Applied Analysis’ monthly weighted average of eight local stocks rose to 204.75 in November, up from 194.35 in October and 159.28 in November a year earlier.

Similarly, the Dow Jones casino index closed Friday at 355.85, up 8.25 for the month and nearly 50 percent year-to-date. That solidly beat the increase in the index every year since 1998, the first year for which comparable data were available.

Investors are betting the economic recovery will continue, which is boosting operator stocks, and that gaming proliferation will continue and pick up steam, accelerating the appreciation of manufacturers’ stocks, Deutsche Bank analyst Marc Falcone said.

In general, third-quarter earnings were bitcoin dice much more in line with expectations than the first half had been and the outlook for December and 2004 continue to be favorable, he said.

Reno-based International Game Technology continued to be a primary reason for the rapid appreciation in the index of local gaming stocks, Applied Analysis spokesman Brian Gordon said.

IGT closed the month at $34.69, or a monthly average price of $33.23, representing an increase of nearly 10 percent, he said.

“Exectations for gaming expansions in new jurisdictions and the current trend of converting casino floors to coinless machines continues to drive demand for the company’s equipment and their stock price,” Gordon said.…


Viewer interaction an important element in new show

In a deal with toto sgp Television, Two Way TV and Zone4Play’s betting brand, The Winner Channel are launching a play-along TV poker show branded Face Up Hold ‘Em. The two hour play-along show will be broadcast daily on Sky on the PokerZone TV channel.


During the show, produced by Two Way TV, a Texas Hold ‘Em poker game is played live with every hand revealed to viewers at home. Viewers can play-along by predicting which player will win at the start of every round. At every step of the game viewers get to see the mathematical strength of each players’ hand to help make their predictions. The show features live expert commentary from PokerZone TV’s pundits.


Interaction is via IVR and home players can play for fun, or can bet on the outcome of each game for real money. The minimum stake is GBP 1. The betting component of the show is run under Two Way TV’s bookmaking license and adds another betting platform to Two Way’s portfolio of betting products. These include mobile, on-line, red button and IVR-based betting.


Jim Sibcy, managing director of PokerZone TV, commented: “Face Up Hold ‘Em adds a new dimension to poker programming – it’s educational for players, and it offers everyone at home the chance of playing along for fun or for real money. We think this is a great addition to our channel”.


Jean de Fougerolles, Two Way TV’s chief executive officer, added: “The TV show is a great piece of entertainment for all types of poker players. By showing the strength of each hand as the game is played, even seasoned players will learn a thing or two – for example, it’s revealing to see how dramatically the strength of a great opening hand, like a King / Ace can change when another King appears in one or your opponents’ pocket cards. You just don’t get this in regular poker shows.”


Two Way TV launched its betting brand, The Winner Channel, on the ntl and Telewest broadband cable platforms last year and also offers betting products on mobile phones and the internet. This new deal follows last week’s news that Endemol UK granted Two Way TV the rights to create and run a betting format on The Winner Channel based on Channel 4’s game show Deal or No Deal. In May The Winner Channel announced an exclusive partnership with Teletext. Other affiliates of The Winner Channel include Flextech TV, Channel 4 and Mad4Games.


WSOP 2005 – June 29th, by Peter CostaAfter a succession of late nights and no cashes, I had an uneventful couple of tournaments with early exits. I hoped that the $5K Stud, $2,500 PLH and the $5K Limit tournaments would bring better joy.


Having grown up playing Stud, I eagerly awaited my favorite Limit game. With just under 200 starters, I knew I had a great chance in this one. During the dinner break, Joe Ewada (defending champion) asked me when I started playing Stud. I think the question came about from my rather selective starting-hand selection. When I explained that we only played Pot Limit Stud in the UK – he understood why most of my winning hands consisted of a full-house. Lets just say that with Pot Limit Stud, your starting hands better be good!


After dinner though, it all seemed to change for the worse. With around 17K (above average) and playing limits of 600-1200, any major beat would prove really costly. Trust me to go and get into a betting war with the one loose player at my table. But what can you do when you know he is trying to make a major move on you? Showing 9c-Td -Jd, he decides to go to war by representing a made hand. Showing a J-4-Q, and a J-Q in the hole – I could just not take him for what he represented. The fact that he checked-raised on sixth when he hit a Ks – did not convince me either. Another war ensued. But by just calling my raise, I knew that my two pair were still good. However, his bet after the last card was a clear indication that I had lost more than 50% of my stack in this hand. He had started with 3 clubs (Kc-2c) 9c. The 2 on the river was to prove my downfall. I just didn’t recover after that and busted with around 50 to go. Joe went on to make the final again – I took a day off and waited for the PLH.


It seems that the dinner-break was a stumbling-block for me. Just under average chips with 10K – I found that hands were hard to come by. For Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi, it was the opposite. Sitting to my left and stacked-up to the heavens – he was dealt A-A four times in the space of one round. In the meantime – I had to make a stand with several garbage hands. In the end, “The Grinder” had me again when we went to war on the blinds. I knew that my two over-cards had no chance against his 7-7. Another wasted late night. But no complaints, I wouldn’t change this life for my old one – that’s for sure!


My consolation of being able to play the $5K Limit, was to no avail. I never really got going in this event. You know those kind of days – A-Ks and A-Q’s keep missing the flop – but not when you have J-J or T-T.


I am now getting ready for the short-handed $5K NLH – having missed the first of these new WSOP events – I will give this one a shot. At least with No-Limit, we don’t necessarily need to hit flops….


Until next time – play well, get lucky and keep trying!



Easy as One, Two: Aussie Martin Rowe Takes Down APPT Grand Final, Comes Second in APPT TOC

Sydney native Martin Rowe, 34, became the latest togel online Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) Grand Final champion. Rowe won AU$1 million as the top finisher out of a field of 476 entrants, all competing for a total prize pool of over $2.8 million. And, as if that wasn’t enough, he followed-up by coming in second to Vanessa Rousso in the APPT Tournament of Champions, donating a cheque of AU$5,000 to the Save the Children Fund.


With seven Australians at the APPT Grand Final final table of nine, the odds were pretty good that an Aussie was going to take down the championship. In second place behind Rowe came Jason Gray for a payday of AU$476,000, followed by Tony Basile of Canada in third (AU$266,000), then Antonio Fazzolari (AU$182,000), and Timothy English (AU$140,000), who qualified through PokerStars in a Last Chance Qualifier last Monday for $475. Frank Saffioti finished in sixth place (AU$100,800), followed by Daniel Kowalski of Poland (AU$72,800), Hai Bo Chu (AU$53,200), and Tom Rafferty in ninth place (AU$39,200).


Final table play lasted nine and a half hours, culminating in a final hand where Gray pushed all-in with 9h-5h over Rowe’s pre-flop raise of 250,000, only to be called by Rowe’s Ac-Qh. The flop came As-Qc-5s, giving Rowe top-two and Gray bottom pair. Gray improved to two pair with a 9s falling on the turn, but his river boat never came and the tournament was over.


“I cannot believe I have won tonight. I felt on edge but not out of control the entire tournament and now to have the title I am just ecstatic – this will be life changing for my family,” said Rowe, an insurance worker, after his win.


In the APPT Tournament of Champions, Vanessa Rousso knocked Rowe off when he was short-stacked and forced to shove everything in pre-flop with 9-7 off suit.  Rousso called with K-5 and the board blanked, giving Rousso the win.


APPT Sydney marks the end the second season of the PokerStars APPT. Season 3 is due to be announced shortly.


PPA Ad Campaign Urges Regulation of Online Poker


In an effort to underscore the need for federal regulation of online poker, especially in light of the recent Washington Post and “60 Minutes” stories on cheating scandals at Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker, the Poker Players Alliance has placed full page ads in several Capitol Hill newspapers.


The ad, which will run in Roll Call, The Politico and The Hill this week, calls on Congress to enact thoughtful regulation of online poker as the only truly effective way to protect consumers, oversee this burgeoning industry and collect billions in tax revenue.


Keeping Your Cool At A Hot Table




I had a wonderful dream a few nights ago. I dreamed that a benevolent alien being from another dimension in time woke me from a sound sleep. He (she?) told me that he (she?) had been watching me for many years and, since I was such a kind, generous, loving human being, I would be granted one wish that I could use for the rest of my life. Since it was obvious that this alien creature had seriously misjudged my true character, I quickly wished for the one thing that any degenerate blackjack player would wish for: I wished for the ability to know if my next hand of blackjack would be a winner. The alien said, “No prob, Buddy. You now have the talent you wished for. See ya,” and then disappeared.


The next evening I gleefully rushed to my local casino to try out my newly-granted talent, and much to my dismay discovered that it was all a dream ‹ a bad dream at that because I got hammered at the tables. My ability to predict winning streaks was even worse than usual, and my faith in wishes granted by alien beings from other dimensions was seriously shaken, to say the least.


But working on the assumption that it’s always good to find something positive in a negative experience, and accepting the fact that there’s no free lunch at the blackjack table, I decided to give some serious thought as to how to take advantage of winning streaks when I was fortunate enough to experience them.


Any experienced player can relate to the fact that blackjack is a “streaky” game. After 30 years at the tables, I could tell you dozens of stories about winning streaks that went on for hours, days, even weeks at a time. Unfortunately, these winning streaks were often followed by losing streaks that also went on for hours, days, or weeks at a time.


The problem is, even though it’s obvious that streaks occur, it’s darn near impossible to take advantage of streaks because we only know that they exist in hindsight. We have to look back at previous play to see that we experienced a winning or losing streak, and by then it’s too late to take advantage of a winning streak or avoid a losing streak. So what is one to do? Do we just ignore streaks as if they don’t exist, or do we seek out and apply some “mystical” method to take advantage of them?


Most statistical analysts of the game (the math guys who believe that card counting is the only way to accurately predict the outcome of the next hand to be dealt) take the former approach. They ignore streaks, refer to them as natural “variance,” and play the game with total confidence that long-term results will allow them a slight “edge” over the Slot Gacor casino. They gradually increase or decrease their initial wagers based upon deck composition, and ignore the short-term fluctuations in win/loss results.


Other players take the latter approach to the game by attempting to intuitively decide when they are going to be lucky and win, or unlucky and avoid play. They dramatically increase their bets when they “feel” a winning streak coming, and they quit playing when they feel a losing streak is on the way. They live for the moment, and base the size of their next wager on the win/loss outcome of the previous hand(s) played.


After much thought, research, and personal experience at the tables, I’ve come to the conclusion that neither of these approaches to the game offers any reasonable chance of success for the average recreational player. Card counting requires skill, discipline, longevity, and a bankroll that few players have, and no one has the mystical foresight required to predict future results of play with any successful degree of accuracy.


In spite of my pessimistic attitude toward these two common methods of play, I believe that there are a number of actions that we can take that will allow us to benefit from winning streaks ‹ actions based upon principles inherent in the previously described methods of play, the basic mathematics of the game, common sense, and money management.


Before exploring ways to “be cool” when winning streaks occur, let’s look at a few of the mathematical “basics” of the game.


1.) The casino has a built-in advantage over the player, primarily because the rules state that the player loses his wager if his hand exceeds a count of 21, even if the dealer also exceeds 21 on the same round of play.


2.) Game rules vary from one casino to the next. The more “player friendly” the rules, the better the chances that he will win.


3.) In the long run, the average player will lose about 2% of the total amount wagered (about $2 for every $100 bet).


4.) Excluding “pushes,” players will win about 48% and lose about 52% of the hands played.


5.) The “chance” factor can seriously affect the results of short-term play. For instance, even though long-term probability states that skilled basic strategy players will lose about 50¢ for every $100 wagered, it’s estimated that a player still has a 25% chance of being ahead at the tables after 25,000 hands of play.


Based upon the preceding generalizations, it’s obvious that a player can only make a profit at blackjack if he (A.) Wins more hands than the average player, (B.) Wins more money on his winning hands than the average player wins, or (C.) Is more lucky than the average player.


By applying most or all of the techniques listed below, I believe that the average player can seriously improve his long-term outcome in all three of these categories.


1.) Learn to apply perfect basic strategy all of the time. Most players use some form of basic strategy (based upon the values of the player’s first two cards and the dealer’s up card) to help make hit, stand, split, and double-down decisions. All of these strategy recommendations favor the player, and collectively reduce the house edge from 2% or more to one-half percent or less. Unfortunately, most players arbitrarily alter or ignore the proper playing strategy because of bet size or intuition. You must not do this. Do you seriously believe that the cards know how much money you have wagered on a particular hand, or that the cards care what you think the next card out of the deck will be? Of course not.


2.) Play at casinos with rules that favor you. Casinos that allow you to split any pair, double down on any two cards, double after splitting, split aces more than once, or surrender a weak hand, are offering you game rules that improve your chances of winning. If we all refused to play at casinos that have lousy game rules, they would eventually change the rules.


3.) React to the flow of the cards, even if you’re not a card counter. Common sense dictates that decks with a disproportionately larger number of 10-value cards and aces remaining to be dealt favor the player because he’s more likely to draw a two-card hand of 20 or a blackjack. You don’t have to be a math guru to realize that 10 small cards have appeared for every face card dealt, or to observe that no aces have been dealt in the first two-thirds of the deck. Pay more attention to the table, increase your bet appropriately, and you’ll most likely see an increase in the size of your chip stack.


4.) Don’t get greedy. Many’s the time I’ve seen a player on a winning streak over-bet his hands. After a few consecutive wins, a feeling of invincibility overcomes sensible prudence, the size of the next bet increases substantially, and the profit from many previous hands is wiped out on the turn of one card. It’s even worse to increase initial bet size after a series of losses, on the assumption that you’re “due” to win a hand. Remember that you’re more likely to lose a series of consecutive bets than you are to win a series of consecutive bets.


5.) Don’t become too conservative. Expecting to not win a lot of money during any particular blackjack session is almost as bad as over-betting your hands. Many gambling book authors suggest that you set a loss limit and a win goal for each session of play. They recommend that you start with a specific bankroll, quit play if you lose all or a portion of that bankroll, or quit play if you win a predetermined amount in proportion to that bankroll. For instance, if you lose all (or 50%, or 30%, etc.) of your session bankroll, quit play. Or if you win an amount that’s equal to your bankroll (or twice your bankroll, or half your bankroll, etc.), quit play.


I see nothing wrong with quitting play if you’ve lost all or part of your bankroll, but I see no reason to quit while you’re winning. We know that streaks occur, and we know that there’s no obvious way to determine when they will end, so I advise you to keep playing until they do.


Personally, I’ve never intentionally stopped playing while on a winning streak. In fact, my normal method of play is to double my initial bet once I’ve doubled my initial bank. I “predetermine” how much I’m willing to lose before reducing my initial bet or quitting play, and make the necessary changes based on my current win/loss results. In retrospect, my personal record for several years shows that profits for 25% of my sessions exceed losses for 75% of my sessions, primarily due to the fact that I didn’t limit my potential profit during winning streaks.


6.) Develop your own style of play, but don’t fall in love with it.


Consistency is the key to success at blackjack. Many players are habitual losers because they fail to stick to a game plan that fits their personality and bankroll. As a recreational gambler, your overall objective should be to win more money (or lose less money) than other players, and it’s unlikely that you’ll reach this goal unless you “stay with the program” and give your plan a reasonable chance to succeed.


By the same token, don’t become so entrenched in your plan that you stay with it through thick and thin. The most common example of this mistake is when players have short-term success by varying from correct basic strategy. I hear it all the time: “I don’t split aces, because I lose both hands every time I do.” “I don’t hit 12 against a dealer’s 2, because I always bust.” “I split 10s when the dealer shows a 6, because I almost always win both hands.” “I never surrender.” “I never split or double-down when I have a big bet on the table, because it doubles my chances of losing a lot of money.” Players develop these bad habits because they “tried it” a few times, and it worked. Based on these short-term gains (in defiance of more probable outcomes) some players retain these incorrect strategy decisions as part of their long-term game plan, and seriously reduce their overall chances of winning.


7.) Be honest with yourself. One of the best ways to measure the quality of your chosen style of play is to keep an accurate record of your results. Most players tend to exaggerate the amount they win and understate the amount they lose. Write down the results of each and every session, and there will be no question as to how well your plan is working. If you show a profit after several thousand hands of play, stay with your game plan. If you’re a consistent loser, review your plan …


Empat Puluh Link Alternatif Sbobet mengedipkan mata dan minuman gratis seharga $3 per jam

Saya menemukan bahwa ketika saya kekurangan dana, keno adalah cara terbaik untuk membatasi pengeluaran kasino saya. Meskipun saya menyadari bahwa sebagai penulis game Anda telah menulis pada kesempatan bahwa pemain harus menghindari keno, saya masih tidak berpikir itu membuang-buang waktu ketika Anda memiliki sedikit uang yang tersisa. Jill K.

Saya setuju; yaitu, selama Anda siap untuk tidak menang besar.

Untuk roller rendah, rendah dan hampir tidak punya uang, lounge keno bisa menjadi oasis di lautan pasir Vegas. Selain itu, sementara tindakan kasino apa pun adalah penghambaan uang ke rumah, dimainkan dengan benar, Anda dapat kehilangan lebih sedikit uang per jam di keno daripada bentuk perjudian lainnya.

Selain itu, Jill, Anda benar-benar tidak lebih dari bergabung dengan jajaran penjudi bangkrut di ruang tamu keno. Belum lama ini, saya memiliki dua jam untuk membunuh sebelum pesawat saya berangkat ke bandara Las Vegas. Benar-benar lelah berjudi, saya menemukan permainan keno 50¢ di salah satu tempat penggilingan di pusat kota. Karena permainan keno hanya rata-rata enam keputusan per jam, total pengeluaran saya akan maksimal pada 12 permainan untuk enam dolar.

Apakah saya lupa menyebutkan, Jill, bahwa saya Satria4D mendapatkan empat margarita stroberi GRATIS dari pelayan koktail, membaca Los Angeles Times, tidur siang, menonton setengah pertandingan bisbol, ditambah mencapai tiga tempat yang solid seharga $26? Saya menyimpan investasi enam dolar saya dan membagikan sisa $20 antara penulis keno dan pelayan koktail. Tentu, saya mencapai titik impas, tetapi keuntungan bukanlah motif saya. Bersenang-senang dan berjudi dengan murah adalah.

Jadi meskipun selama bertahun-tahun saya telah melakukan yang terbaik dalam permainan keno di kolom ini, dan mengetahui peluang Anda untuk mendapatkan jackpot besar adalah nihil – itu terlalu optimis – Anda pasti tidak akan bangkrut dalam dua jam dalam permainan keno ruang santai.

Mark yang terhormat,

Benarkah peluang menang togel Link Alternatif Sbobet lebih buruk dari mati tersambar petir? tagihan H

Lotere di Amerika Utara memberikan hadiah lebih dari $50 juta setiap hari. Tidak termasuk memancing setiap badai listrik di perahu aluminium di Danau Michigan, jauh lebih mudah untuk mendapatkan lotere negara bagian Anda.

Inti masalah. Pada tahun 1996, 1.136 orang memenangkan $1.000.000 atau lebih dengan bermain lotere Amerika Utara, dengan tambahan 4.520 memenangkan lebih dari $100.000. Petir pada tahun 1996 hanya menewaskan 91 orang.

Mark yang terhormat,

Baru-baru ini saya mengikuti turnamen slot Midnight Madness. Saya harus jujur ​​kepada Anda; kami para senior tidak bisa begadang sampai larut malam. Setidaknya yang ini tidak bisa. Saya akhirnya dengan sengaja kalah di ronde pertama hanya untuk menjauh dari semua asap dan tidur. Saya bahkan melewatkan prasmanan gratis jam 3 pagi. Ada saran? Hazel R.

Inilah cara mempersiapkan turnamen untuk jam-jam tengah malam itu. Mulailah dengan membangun tingkat toleransi Anda dengan rejimen minum kopi dan merokok berantai Lucky Strikes in a Lazy Boy chair. Sertakan jam menonton televisi larut malam untuk tujuan pola pikir. Setelah Anda melewati tayangan ulang Jerry Springer di pagi hari (saya menyebut Springer di sini karena banyak pengunjung kuburan Anda mirip dengan tamu acaranya), Anda siap untuk menarik pegangan di lingkungan yang dipenuhi asap.

Kalau tidak, jangan takut, Hazel. Anda akan mendapatkan kesempatan turnamen yang adil karena sebagian besar kontes slot diadakan pada siang hari. Untuk memastikan Anda tidak melewatkannya, masuk ke milis kasino favorit Anda. Secara pribadi, saya akan lebih dicentang karena melewatkan prasmanan.

Perjudian memikirkan minggu ini: “Nak, kami minta maaf tentang dana kuliah … ibumu dan aku tidak tahu kamu tidak seharusnya membagi puluhan …” – Surat pulang dari orang-orang yang mengunjungi Reno.



Poker uang asli

Lewati Jalur 101 di Sbobet

Meskipun diakui saya pendatang baru dalam permainan dadu, saya masih belum begitu memahami dasar-dasar taruhan “Lulus garis”. Di kolom terakhir Anda, Craps with Confidence, Anda secara singkat menyebutkan mekanisme taruhan garis Pass. Bisakah Anda menjelaskan lebih lanjut tentang taruhan itu? Marion M.

Membungkuk di atas meja dadu dan berjudi melalui sesi dadu tidak perlu mengintimidasi, bahkan untuk seorang pemula, terutama ketika Anda membatasi taruhan Anda pada taruhan baris Pass. Sungguh, Marion, ini hal yang sangat sederhana.

Dalam permainan dadu, sebelum lemparan keluar, sebagian besar pemain membuat salah satu dari dua taruhan, menempatkan chip di “Garis lulus” atau di “Jangan lewati”. Meskipun Anda tidak diwajibkan untuk membuat salah satu dari taruhan ini, hampir semua pemain melakukannya. Petaruh garis Pass bertaruh dengan dadu, dan sering disebut “petarung yang tepat.” Sebaliknya, petaruh Don’t pass bertaruh melawan dadu, dan disebut “petarung yang salah.”

Taruhan yang lebih populer dari dua taruhan adalah taruhan “Lulus garis”, meskipun taruhan “Jangan lulus” memberikan peluang yang sedikit Poker uang asli lebih baik, tepi rumah menjadi 1,4% untuk taruhan “Jangan lulus” dan tepi mikroskopis yang lebih tinggi dari 1,4% untuk taruhan “Lulus garis”.

Ketika Anda bertaruh pada garis Pass, Marion, salah satu dari tiga hal berikut akan terjadi:

a.) Gulungan berikutnya adalah 7 atau 11, dalam hal ini Anda segera memenangkan uang genap (1 untuk 1), atau

b.) Gulungan berikutnya adalah 2, 3, atau 12, dalam hal ini Anda langsung kehilangan uang, atau

c.) Angka 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, atau 10 akan bergulir, menjadi titik ANDA dan titik roller.

Jika penembak mengulangi poin pada lemparan berikutnya, Anda menang dan dibayar genap (1 untuk 1). Jika “7 jelek” menggunakan wajah jeleknya sebelum poin berulang, Anda kehilangan taruhan garis Pass Anda.

Kalian semua, yang menghindari meja omong kosong “terlalu rumit” itu, mengabaikan salah satu taruhan terbaik di kasino. Ah, benarkah? Bagaimana bisa? Taruhan garis lulus sederhana memiliki keuntungan rumah kurang dari 1,5%; begitulah.

Inilah sorak-sorai dan lumpur di mata Anda dari Yours Truly untuk mengantisipasi nasib baik Anda di meja omong kosong.

Dear Mark, Seringkali di Baccarat, Anda melihat pemain Sbobet melacak kartu sebelumnya dan bertaruh dengan tepat. Apakah ada sajak atau alasan untuk sistem melacak tangan masa lalu yang ditangani di Baccarat? Kaye R.

Berjalanlah ke kasino lokal mana pun yang menawarkan bakarat dan Anda akan melihat banyak pemain dengan kartu skor dan pensil di tangan. Apa yang mereka lakukan adalah melacak hasil dari masing-masing tangan. Para pemain ini mencoba menemukan pola untuk memandu gaya taruhan mereka sendiri untuk mengambil keuntungan dari coretan. Pola mengejar di bakarat tidak ada gunanya seperti di roulette, karena satu tangan tidak memiliki pengaruh di tangan berikutnya, dan tidak pernah dipengaruhi oleh tangan sebelumnya.

Menggunakan rolet sebagai contoh, karena pemain roda yang kesurupan juga melacak hasil putaran terakhir, jika merah mendarat tujuh kali berturut-turut, sesuatu dalam jiwa pelacak mengatakan kepadanya bahwa hitam adalah “jatuh tempo”, dan karena itu lebih mungkin pada putaran ke-8 bahwa bola kecil akan mendarat di hitam bukan merah.

Penalaran bodoh ini menjual banyak pensil dan kartu skor tetapi palsu. Peluang bola mendarat dengan warna hitam pada putaran kedelapan persis 50% (tidak termasuk 0, 00), sama seperti tujuh kali pertama. Seperti roulette, strategi atau sistem bakarat apa pun yang membuat Anda mendasarkan taruhan Anda pada hasil tangan sebelumnya tidak berdasar dan terdengar berbahaya seperti penambangan data, di mana seorang peneliti memilih di antara informasi historis untuk mendukung teorinya daripada merumuskan teori berdasarkan data yang tidak dipijat.

Kutipan perjudian minggu ini: “Anda lebih baik bertaruh pada seekor kuda daripada bertaruh pada seorang pria. Seekor kuda mungkin tidak dapat menahan Anda dengan erat, tetapi dia tidak ingin berkeliaran dari kandang di malam hari.”



Togel hk

Play-Off, Kick-Off, Send-Off dan Bandar Togel Hongkong

Saat cuaca mulai dingin di Korea Selatan, aksi di lapangan menjadi panas saat seri play-off dimulai. Beberapa penggemar juga ikut menggebrak. Kiper Ulsan Hyundai Horang-I Kim Young-kwang terlibat dengan pendukung Daejeon Citizen.

Siapa pun yang pernah menonton beberapa pertandingan K-League pasti akrab dengan adegan tersebut. Fans tidak menyetujui keputusan wasit dan melampiaskannya dengan melemparkan botol air plastik ke lapangan. Beri isyarat kedatangan pemain tim mereka untuk meminta ketenangan sementara semua orang menunggu sekitar lima menit atau lebih yang biasanya diperlukan untuk memulai kembali permainan.

Setelah Anda melihatnya, Anda telah melihat semuanya tetapi hari Minggu sedikit berbeda. Penggemar Daejeon adalah beberapa yang terbaik di Korea tetapi bisa sedikit terbawa suasana. Dengan sepuluh menit tersisa dari pertandingan play-off, Citizen tertinggal dua gol dan menghadapi akhir musim mereka.

Waktu hampir habis saat Daejeon menyerang. Seorang pemain terjatuh, fans meminta penalti tetapi wasit memberikan tendangan bebas tepat di luar kotak. Gerombolan ungu di belakang gawang membuat perasaan mereka diketahui dan satu misil mengenai kiper Ulsan. Stadion Piala Dunia Ulsan menyaksikan sandiwara Rivaldo melawan Togel hk Turki di kompetisi 2002, tetapi Kim tetap bertahan. Bukan hanya itu, tetapi mantan bintang Chunnam itu melemparkan salah satu artikel yang menyinggung kembali dari mana asalnya.

Riak yang disebabkan oleh benda itu saat jatuh di lautan penggemar tandang langsung dan jelas, Lusinan pendukung menyerbu ke depan kandang. Dan lebih banyak botol datang ke arah Kim. Mungkin menyadari kesalahannya sebelumnya, Kim menangkap satu dan meminum isinya sementara rekan satu timnya menyeretnya keluar dari bahaya. Para pemain Daejeon, yang mungkin terbiasa dengan ritual tersebut, dengan mahir menghindari misil dan memberi isyarat kepada para penggemar untuk menghentikannya.

Ketika ketertiban akhirnya dipulihkan, wasit memberi isyarat agar Kim meninggalkan lapangan. Butuh beberapa waktu bagi penjaga gawang, yang sekarang menangis, dibujuk untuk turun ke terowongan.

Menunggu restart saat Kim diusir

Dengan keunggulan pemain Bandar Togel Hongkong, Daejeon terus menyerang dan nyaris mencetak gol dalam beberapa kesempatan, upaya yang biasanya berakhir dengan sikap lincah Ko Jong-soo yang berdiri dengan tangan di pinggang sambil memelototi rekan setimnya yang gagal. mengkonversi salah satu salib atau set piece.

Pemanasan Ulsan

Dua sundulan dari dua pemain yang memberi terlalu banyak ruang di dalam kotak memastikan kemenangan bagi Ulsan yang menjamu Pohang Steelers di babak berikutnya dari seri play-off minggu depan. Steelers telah terlibat dalam beberapa drama malam sebelumnya selama kemenangan mereka di Gyeongnam FC tetapi itu adalah jenis buatan saat mereka menang dalam adu penalti.

keluarga pohang

Itu adalah malam yang mengecewakan bagi Gyeongnam. Tim selatan tampil mengesankan ketika finis keempat selama musim reguler tetapi tidak pernah benar-benar berhasil melawan Pohang. Penampilan mereka tidak terbantu oleh fakta bahwa sebagian besar stadion kosong. Itu adalah malam yang dingin tetapi masuk gratis dan pertandingan terbesar dalam sejarah singkat klub seharusnya melihat lebih banyak gelandangan di kursi.

Ini bisa menjadi yang terakhir kalinya mereka melihat Cabore berbaju merah putih. Pemain asal Brasil itu menemukan target sebanyak 17 kali selama musim ini dan sekarang sedang dikejar oleh Suwon. Dengan timnya tertinggal satu gol dan tiga menit menjelang peluit akhir, ia kembali mencetak gol dengan sundulan jarak dekat untuk membawa pertandingan ke perpanjangan waktu.

Penggemar Pohang

Tuan rumah nyaris mencetak gol pada 30 menit berikutnya tetapi tidak mampu menghindari adu penalti yang ditakuti. Tebak siapa yang merindukan Gyeongnam? Ini bisa menjadi permainan yang kejam.




Hk hari ini

Aksi Blackjack – Bab 7

Steve merasakan denyut nadinya sedikit lebih cepat saat dia melihat Lisa mendekati meja tempat dia duduk. Cara berjalannya tidak persis seperti model di landasan pacu, tetapi gerakannya sama sekali tidak kekurangan keanggunan dan feminitas.

Steve bangkit dan menarik kursi untuk Lisa saat dia menyapanya, “Hei anak besar, ada apa?” Suaranya lembut dan feminin tetapi memiliki nada yang sedikit lebih rendah daripada yang bisa ditebak orang untuk melihatnya.

“Terima kasih sudah datang Lisa. Kurasa aku hanya butuh seseorang untuk diajak bicara dan kamu adalah pilihan pertamaku. Semoga kamu tidak keberatan.”

Lisa meraih ke seberang meja dan meletakkan tangannya di atas tangan Steve saat dia menjawab, “Yah, selama kamu tidak membuat kebiasaan membangunkanku di fajar, terutama pada hari liburku, aku di sini. untukmu. Kamu tahu itu.”

“Kamu selalu menjadi teman yang baik dan pendengar yang baik dan itu sangat berarti.”

“Apa yang mengganggumu Steve?”

“Oh, tidak ada apa-apa kecuali bahwa kami kehilangan lebih dari $80.000, tim berantakan, Jimmy di luar kendali dan menjadi tidak dapat diandalkan, Sam membuatku gila dengan keluhannya yang terus-menerus tentang segala sesuatu di bawah matahari, dan untuk mengakhiri semuanya, Tuan . Ciau akan datang ke negara bagian untuk mengamati kita.”

“Ugh, aku tidak tahu kita sejauh ini,” (Lisa terdengar terkejut). “Saya tahu kami memiliki 2 atau 3 sesi yang sulit, tetapi saya pikir kami masih mendekati genap atau mungkin sedikit di depan. Kami naik sedikit pada awalnya, bukan?”

“Ya, kami naik lebih dari $70.000 setelah beberapa hari pertama. Setelah itu kami hanya mencapai titik impas untuk sementara, lalu kami Hk hari ini benar-benar tergelincir minggu lalu. Jimmy tidak bisa menang jika hidupnya bergantung padanya, lalu setelahnya. Saya mengambil alih lagi, saya tidak melakukan jauh lebih baik. Tapi, saya kira, penyimpangan bankroll yang cukup besar tidak biasa di blackjack, tapi saya benar-benar kacau dengan bermain di level unit yang terlalu tinggi untuk bankroll kami. Kemudian, untuk menambahkan penghinaan pada cedera, saya meningkatkan level unit kami mencoba untuk mengganti beberapa kerugian kami dan kami terus kalah. Itu adalah langkah amatir yang bodoh di pihak saya dan saya seharusnya tahu lebih baik.

“Steve, menendang pantatmu sendiri tidak akan membantu situasi dan tidak juga mengkhawatirkan dan membuat semua kesal.”

“Lisa, sejujurnya, aku kehilangan kepercayaan. Aku bahkan tidak yakin ini akan berhasil sekarang. Aku benar-benar percaya diri pada awalnya, tapi sekarang aku tidak tahu lagi. Aku telah memainkan banyak memenangkan blackjack di hari saya, tapi itu selalu permainan dek tunggal dan ganda. Saya melakukan banyak pengujian pada beberapa permainan dek di rumah, juga menjalankan banyak simulasi komputer dan metode ini selalu menghasilkan uang yang layak dalam jangka panjang , tetapi permainan langsung jauh berbeda dari simulasi komputer dan membagikan kartu kepada Anda sendiri di meja dapur. Apa yang kami hadapi bukanlah permainan yang sama.”

“Steve, kamu pernah bilang padaku bahwa hidup itu seperti judi karena kamu mengalami kekalahan beruntun dan kemenangan beruntun dan di lain waktu kamu hanya impas. Tapi kamu bilang kemenangan beruntun akan datang cepat atau lambat jika kamu percaya saja. Sekarang, judi adalah hidupmu . Anda tidak bisa berhenti percaya pada kemenangan beruntun itu, Steve. Itu akan datang cepat atau lambat.”

“Kau benar,” Steve setuju. “Saya harus menjaga keyakinan, dan, mungkin segalanya mulai berbalik. Saya memenangkan $40.000 di sini tadi malam bermain sendirian.”

“Hei, itu luar biasa!” Lisa berkata dengan bersemangat sambil meremas tangan Steve lebih erat. “Kami akan membuat comeback besar, lihat dan lihat.”

“Sebaiknya kita. Untungnya, ketika saya berbicara dengan Pak Ciau tadi malam, dia mengatakan kepada saya bahwa dia harus menunda kedatangannya ke Amerika Serikat selama beberapa hari lagi. akhir-akhir ini. Dia sepertinya bukan tipe pria yang mudah menerima kegagalan. Faktanya, dia memiliki reputasi sebagai orang yang kejam dan tidak toleran.”

“Jangan khawatir tentang Pak Ciau,” kata Lisa malu-malu dengan senyum bermain di tepi bibirnya yang kenyal. “Dia tahu ini adalah usaha yang berisiko dan aku punya firasat dia mungkin bukan pria sekeras yang kamu pikirkan.”

Steve tahu apa yang Lisa katakan tapi dia tidak mau mengakuinya. Sebenarnya dia bahkan tidak ingin memikirkan apa yang jelas-jelas dia tawarkan untuk dilakukan. Dia dengan cepat mengubah topik pembicaraan ke hal-hal yang lebih sepele.

Jimmy membungkuk di atas meja dadu dengan minuman di satu tangan dan keripik hitam di tangan lainnya. Dia memiliki chip $100 pada nomor 5 dan $100 lagi pada 9. Tumpukan chip berjumlah $120 menutupi 6 dan 8 sehingga dia bisa mendapatkan hadiah 7 sampai 6 yang tepat jika salah satu dari angka tersebut mengenai.

“8, sulit 8!” teriak stickman dan dealer mendorong $ 140 dalam chip ke arah Jimmy. Penembak ini sedang bersenang-senang dan Jimmy naik $ 2400 di samping taruhan senilai $ 440 yang dia miliki di tata letak.

Saat Jimmy menyaksikan dadu berjatuhan dan memantul di atas meja dadu berwarna hijau, dia menyadari aroma feminin manis yang sepertinya memancar dari suatu titik di dekatnya. Kemudian dia merasakan sentuhan lembut di lengannya. Jimmy melihat ke kanannya untuk melihat seorang wanita muda yang sangat cantik mengenakan gaun malam berpotongan rendah.

“Oh, permisi,” katanya, “Bolehkah saya masuk ke sini?”