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How to Make Your Fashion Brand Stand out: Thrive in a Competitive Market


Fashion is a rapidly-growing industry. There are new trends every year or within a quarter. Apparel, with an estimated revenue of $684 billion in 2025, is the largest category within fashion ecommerce. You’ll also encounter a lot of competition in this booming sector. For your brand to be successful in a saturated market, it must establish a strong identity.


We will be sharing the latest information about fashion today with eight tips for fashion brands to embrace a bold identity.


Fashion Industry Today


Since the mid-19th Century, clothes were still hand-made by tailors. The process of making fashionable clothes has become automated over time. Ecommerce has become a main selling channel thanks to mobile usage and the surprising effects of COVID-19. Let’s get into each movement in order to discover the new opportunities and challenges that brands must pay attention today.


Fashion is becoming more competitive with Theanythingstore.


Fashion businesses are growing in all areas, from local brands to global brands to wholesalers and retailers. The rise of second-hand thrifting stores, which have gained popularity with price-conscious and sustainability-minded shoppers, is another reason. With more fashion companies, customers have more choices.


These diverse business models have helped make the fashion industry more competitive. In this ever-changing industry, innovation is vital.


There has been an increase in the use of mobile and online platforms.


Fashion is a major B2C segment when it comes down to ecommerce. COVID-19 has led to many people moving away from shopping in-store to shop online. The new norm is to scroll through catalogs, select items, and check out online. Fashion brands are looking for ways to offer customers an omnichannel shopping experience.


There has been a shift towards mobile platforms as well. Google’s study found that 59% said mobile shopping is an important feature in deciding which brands to shop with. Numerous mobile apps have been created to cater for such large numbers of potential customers, such as Shopee and Amazon. Many large businesses also have their own native app.


Customers now consider ethical and sustainable sourcing in their purchasing decisions.


Fashion, one of the biggest industries in the globe, is often criticized for its lack of sustainability and other ethical principles. According to UNECE, 10% of all global carbon dioxide emissions are caused by the fashion industry. People are more aware of the negative effects on the environment from clothing production as well as the conditions at sweatshops. These people are choosing to shop less and more responsiblely for their favorite fashion brands.…

Custom CBD brand building

CBD Dosage Tips: How to Choose the Right Dosage and Custom CBD brand building



CBD is well-known because of its numerous health benefits. It may decrease seizures, ease anxiety, reduce pain, improve sleep quality, or relieve stress. These benefits can only be experienced if you use the correct CBD dosage.


CBD dosage considerations are important, especially when using CBD for the first-time. There are many steps you can take in order to get the right CBD dosage.


Calculate the best CBD dose for YouCBD


Your weight, the condition you are treating, and the CBD concentration you consume will all be important factors in determining your dosage. You should start with between 10-40mg of CBD per day. Your starting dosage should be lower the higher your weight.


A higher dosage of CBD may be required if you want to treat severe symptoms. You should consult your doctor before you begin CBD if you take prescription medication. CBD can be found in certain medications, such as Epidiolex.


Also, learn about Custom CBD brand building


Begin with a low dosage


Even though you might be tempted to start with the highest dosage for your weight, it’s better to start slowly if you’re just starting to use CBD. This will allow for you to observe how CBD affects your body and will minimize side effects.


Higher doses are assumed to produce better results. However, this is not the case. CBD has biphasic characteristics, which means that taking CBD in higher doses won’t result in peak effects. Side effects can occur if the dose is too high.


You can start with a lower dose to determine if it delivers the results you desire. If you don’t see the product having an effective effect at this dosage, you can increase it by 5-10mg. You can gradually increase your dosage by “titration”. It might take some experimentation but eventually you will be able find the right dose.


You might also consider splitting your daily CBD dose, which means that you take CBD twice a day. You could, for example, take 10mg in morning and then 10mg at evening if you are looking to take 20mg CBD daily. You should wait at least eight hours before you take the second dose.…


Scientific Benefits from Having a Laugh with Prankstersworldwide




People say laughter is the best medicine. Science has confirmed this. Humor-associated laughter is associated with many health benefits. Here are eleven reasons why you should have a good time.




Laughter might be a unique human trait. Why do we do it? According to a 2010 study by BMC Complementary, Alternative Medicine, laughing and smiling are often used to communicate good will. They speculate that a similar function exists in primates, which use smileys with bared-teeth to indicate friendliness and socialization. They state that some smiles can be faked and voluntary, but laughter, which requires more synergetic contractions of the wider muscles, evolved in humans to send a safe, secure message to other people.




Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is a dangerous side effect of stress. It can also increase your risk of developing heart disease or stroke. Research has shown that laughter can reduce blood pressure. Many studies have shown a reduction of bloodpressure after laughter. For example, a 2017 Journal of Dental and Medical Research study that saw 40 patients receiving hemodialysis listen to comics for 16-30 minutes each over eight weeks showed a decrease of blood Pressure.


The American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions presented in 2011 the results from a three-month long study. Researchers presented laughter therapy and music to 79 participants. The researchers used “playful eyecontact” and breathing exercises to stimulate laughter. The blood pressure readings resulting from laughter dropped 7 mmHg (millimeters mercury). These are the abbreviations of blood pressure readings taken from a sphygmomanometer. Music therapy brought blood pressure down only 6 mmHg.


Three months later, blood pressure readings among the laughing group had dropped by 5mmHg overall. Prankstersworldwide People in the control group had no changes in blood pressure readings.




Laughter Yoga is a unique treatment that has been developed from the laughter studies of blood pressure and other ailments.


Medscape interviewed Dr. Madan Kataria about the Laughter Yoga School. He said, “You don’t need any jokes or humor, or any comedy. Even being happy is enough. It’s a way to laugh with others and share laughter. However, when we are able to make eye contact with others, laughter becomes contagious and real.


Kataria led a study that included 200 participants who practiced laughter yoga for 20 to 30 minute sessions. The researchers encouraged laughter for between 45 seconds to 1 minute. After that, they used deep breathing and stretching for the duration.


Subjects who laughed noticed a drop in their systolic BP of more than 6mmHg. This is a significant improvement from baseline and also a significant reduction when compared to the non-laughing group. Also, diastolic pressure was significantly lower. Their levels of cortisol (a stress hormone) were also significantly lower.


The result is that laughter yoga can be used as an intervention to address a range of health issues such as stress and dementia.…

Religion for keeping humanity alive

God’s Intrinsic Probability and Religion for keeping humanity alive





Before moving to consider the various arguments for the existence of God, it is worth asking the preliminary question How likely is it that God exists? Our preconceptions on this issue are likely to colour our assessment of whatever evidence for (or against) God’s existence we encounter. It is therefore worthwhile to attempt to establish the intrinsic probability of theism, the a priori probability that God exists.


If we begin with the thought that God’s existence is highly unlikely, then it is going to take very strong evidence to persuade us that he does indeed exist. Whatever positive evidence for God’s existence we encounter, if we begin with a presumption of atheism then we will expect that evidence to be flawed. We may, as a result, view purported theistic proofs with greater suspicion than we otherwise would.


If, on the other hand, we begin our inquiry with an intellectual openness to God’s existence, then we may find persuasive arguments that others would not. Inconclusive evidence may be deemed acceptable on the ground that it confirms a suspicion that we already had. The issue of the intrinsic probability of theism will thus have an effect on the way that we approach any argument on either side of the debate concerning God’s existence. It is rational to take the probability of God’s existence into account when considering such arguments.


The Improbability of God

Religion for keeping humanity alive is tempting to think that God’s existence is about as unlikely as anything could be. God, if he exists, is infinite in his attributes; in power, knowledge, and love—in his whole being—God is unlimited. Ockham’s razor, then, which tells us that where either of two explanations will do we should always prefer the simpler explanation, recommends that wherever possible we should avoid postulating the existence of God to explain evidence. If there are two explanations of a set of evidence, one invoking God and the other not invoking God, then the explanation that doesn’t invoke God will always be the more economical of the two; it is more economical to postulate any number of finite beings than it is to postulate one infinite being. The hypothesis that God exists, then, seems to be as intrinsically unlikely as it is possible for a hypothesis to be. Prejudice against theism, it seems, is justified.


It might even be thought that the existence of God goes beyond mere improbability, that it is impossible. Certain of the tradition doctrines concerning God’s nature appear to be self-contradictory, while others appear to contradict each other; several of the arguments for atheism seek to exploit this appearance. If this appearance is to be trusted, then God cannot exist—logical contradictions are not just unlikely to be true; they cannot be true—and we can be confidant that any purported theistic proof contains an error even before we examine it.


The Probability of God

Let us suppose, for the sake of argument, that the alleged contradictions in God’s nature can be resolved. If this is correct, and God’s existence is possible, then the theist can offer a counter-argument to case for the improbability of God’s existence set out above. This counter-argument is offered by Richard Swinburne in The Existence of God [p94].


Swinburne observes that it is simpler to postulate an unlimited force than a limited force. If one postulates a limited force then one is postulating two things, the force and whatever constrains it. If one postulates an unlimited force, then one is only postulating one thing, the force; there is, by definition, nothing that constrains an infinite force.


For this reason, scientists constructing theories will, unless there is good reason not to, prefer to use zeroes or infinities in those theories. The speed of light, for instance, was assumed to be infinite until experimental data disconfirmed this. Scientists recognise that an infinite force is intrinsically more probable than any great but finite force.


This methodology, Swinburne suggests, can be generalised; an infinite being, he urges, is the most probable kind of being. Ockham’s razor, if he is correct, far from implying that God’s existence is less likely than any other explanatory hypothesis, implies that it is more likely than any other explanatory hypothesis; the intrinsic probability of theism is relatively high.…

Viral Studio

The Maximum Guide to TikTok Marketing by Viral Studio | Viral stud | Tiktok account management virality | Viral tiktok account creators





Wondering when TikTok marketing could work for your brand?


With above 800 million monthly active users and an average daily see moments of 52 moments, TikTok is basically the most popular new system around the social media scene.


In case you? re thinking TikTok is just regarding teens? think once again! Users of almost all ages are signing up for the TikTok trend, with celebrities, influencers, publishers, and house brands now in the mix.


Discover everything you need to know regarding the app, the top tips for developing viral videos, and how the algorithm works in this kind of ultimate guide to TikTok marketing:


Exactly what is TikTok?

TikTok is a video-sharing social network that initial found mass appeal with GenZ consumers and is best recognized as the house of viral boogie trends, challenges, plus lip-sync videos.


For millennials and above, TikTok may seem like a revival involving Vine: the 6-second looping video posting platform that surface to a stop in 2017.


Inside fact, most of TikTok? s most famous written content creators, like Zach King that has 42M followers on TikTok, started their professions on Vine.


@zachkingLearned a new ability ##keepingbusy ##quarantine ##magic? original sound? zachking

But unlike Vine, TikTok has skilled phenomenal growth since its launch in 2016, and with more than 800 million energetic users, it is definitely fast becoming the most popular social circle sites.


So, just how would TikTok get going?

ByteDance first launched TikTok under the title of Douyin inside China, before launching the TikTok iphone app in international marketplaces in 2017. Equally Douyin and TikTok utilize same computer software today, but preserve separate networks to adhere to China? t censorship laws.


In late 2017, ByteDance purchased Music. off, a social media platform of which allowed users to be able to create and share short lip-sync videos to popular songs? supplying TikTok an entire new suite of resources, and a fantastic ticket straight to be able to america teen promote.


Fast forward in order to 2020 and TikTok has sky-rocketed not really only amongst teenagers, but with consumers several. Celebrities, marketers, and brands are usually now all sorting in around the hype and using TikTok? s easy-to-use movie editing tools to generate entertaining videos of which gain overnight virus-like success. Learn more about Viral Studio


@willsmithAlso, french fries.? original sound? realtsfd

In January 2020, TikTok was typically the most downloaded iphone app on the planet according to be able to data from SensorTower.


And although TikTok still quite definitely provides its roots in dance trends in addition to lip-sync challenges (with popular TikTok Sounds regularly rendering it straight into the top associated with the download charts), we? re looking at tons of brand new innovative and imaginative trends emerging on a daily basis on the program.


Seeking to level-up the TikTok skills? Become a member of Later? s 10-day Challenge! Each working day we? ll display you a brand new TikTok skill or perhaps hack that a person can use about your own TikTok feed:


Join Our Free TikTok Obstacle!

Wondering how in order to get started along with TikTok? Sign up for our free 10-day challenge in order to learn how to be able to start creating viral videos for your manufacturer!


email@website. apresentando




Number of Instagram Followers

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By entering the email, you? lso are opting-in to get advertising and marketing and product up-dates from us. You can unsubscribe from these emails any time. Our Terms of Service in addition to Privacy Policy have all the details.



The reason why is TikTok a Valuable Platform with regard to Brands?

As many of us? ve already included, TikTok is suffering from a time of exponential growth right right now? which means presently there? s a large audience ready in order to be tapped directly into by creative plus fast-thinking brands.


Brand names who? ve efficiently pivoted to TikTok early have reaped huge brand awareness rewards, often along with very little investment decision.


Publishers like The particular Washington Post have amassed followings associated with 400K+ in under a year, positioning themselves as some sort of creative powerhouse and potentially shifting their very own reach to some sort of new, more international, and younger group in the procedure.


@washingtonpostWe got many great footage regarding George Kittle although @49ers ##somethingamazing? unique sound? landon. rowles

TikTok has a new fairly level actively playing field when that comes to reaching viral status for the app. Unlike Instagram or YouTube, sometimes accounts with 0 % followers can find millions of views on a new movie. Content really is king on TikTok.


For instance , Later? h Head of Content Marketing Taylor Loren has over 3M views on her TikTok candle tutorial movie. At the time of posting, she had less compared to 50 followers on the app, and contains since grown to 20K followers in only 4 months.


@taylortoksthe secret hack to having your ##candles liquefy flat every period! ##lifehack ##foryou? initial sound? taylortoks

And even alongside the massive potential for brand awareness and reach, TikTok coul…






There are many strategies you need to use to develop Fb fan-web page organically by investing cash. You should purchase all types of pricy software program, you should purchase visitors, you’ll be able to ship PPC customers your approach, and all of it depends on cash. This, coming from the social platform you have been possible roped into utilizing with a line like “It’s free to make use of!”


The excellent news is, Fb may be free to make use of, it simply takes a bit extra work. You’ll be able to develop your viewers and your attain in quite a lot of methods, all organically, with out the infusion of money so many entrepreneurs resort to.


The most effective half is, if you’re rivaling these entrepreneurs together with your natural-solely strategy, you’ll be able to dip into the money stream and use it like rocket gasoline to blast previous the competitors.


  1. Research Your Viewers

Lots of the facility of Fb comes within the immense wealth of knowledge it collects about each particular person individual utilizing the location. You’ll be able to research all of this info, from demographics to pursuits to spending habits, by means of Fb Insights. Subsequently, step one to success on Fb is to review the info Facebook offers. Make up a handful of consumer profiles, creating archetypical proto-individuals you possibly can manipulate.


  1. Goal That Viewers

The knowledge is not any good for those who don’t use SMM MEDIA BOOSTER, in fact. After you have these proto-individuals profiles, you need to use them to focus on your posts. That’s proper; you’ll be able to goal posts even should you’re not explicitly boosting them or operating web page submit advertisements. Your concentrating on choices are considerably restricted in comparison with the advert system, however you’ll be able to nonetheless goal basic demographics to get probably the most out of particular person posts.


three. Use the Proper Tone in Posts

For those who’re operating a daycare, you don’t need your Fb posts to sound like they’re coming from a company boardroom. In case you’re operating a B2B valve firm, you don’t need to sound such as you let your 5-yr-previous run your social media accounts. Finding the right tone to match your viewers is important for social success.


four. Experiment with Submit Variations

It’s very straightforward to fall in a rut with enterprise advertising, each at no cost and for paid choices. As soon as you discover a couple of publish varieties that work, use them, in fact. The trick is to maintain experimenting on the aspect, to seek out extra forms of posts that work in your viewers. You need to all the time regulate your engagement metrics and see in case your greatest submit varieties decline over time. In the event that they do, it’s an indication that you simply’re posting an excessive amount of of the identical type of factor, and your customers are rising tired of the method.


  1. Be a Actual Individual

This comes again to the tone dialogue, nevertheless it’s value a stand-alone level of its personal. Simply go searching for a number of the most viral and useful posts made by manufacturers. You’ll word that the one factor they have a tendency to have in widespread is that they’re usually indicators that the individual operating the social media account is each witty and actual. Responses are natural and human, not focus-grouped and assembly-ready into oblivion. Be an actual individual, even in case you’re representing a model.


  1. Be Related to Consumer Pursuits

When creating an excellent submit that may broaden past your pure attain, you might want to match inside two classes. The primary is “issues related to your business.” It doesn’t matter what your business is, you simply must be related. The second is “issues fascinating to the individuals studying it.” You’ll be able to submit probably the most fascinating information yow will discover about your business, but when it’s concerning the inside workings of your B2B communications, your shoppers gained’t need to hear it.


  1. Be Relaxed and Open

One of many methods utilized by Fortune 500 corporations of their advertising is the sense of openness and disclosure of their messages. Individuals need to really feel safe in speaking with you. They need to get the sense that there’s one thing particular in your social profile, and that it’s getting used for one thing extra than simply advertising. That’s why sharing tertiary info fairly than gross sales messages is so necessary.


eight. Replace Persistently

This, together with the subsequent tip, mix to offer you a content material schedule. You might want to submit at constant occasions throughout the day and throughout the week. Customers like schedules, even once they aren’t consciously looking for you out at these occasions. You’re constructing a unconscious rapport together with your customers, coaching them whenever you anticipate your messages.


  1. Replace Steadily

One of many elements that goes into Fb’s calculation of whether or not or to not present your submit is how typically customers see your posts generally. When you’re solely posting as soon as every week, your customers aren’t seeing messages from you very ceaselessly. When you’re posting a number of occasions day by day, there are numerous extra alternatives on your messages to get via.


  1. Curate Content material

The 5-three-2 rule, and variations of it, have been floating around the Internet for years. It’s a rule concerning the content material you submit on social media. The thought – and you may skew the numbers right here – is to submit X gadgets from non-you sources (the 5), Y gadgets from your personal sources (the three) and Z gadgets which are direct gross sales messages (the two) in a given time interval. In different phrases, publish a bunch of content material you didn’t create, to make your web page a supply for all business information, not simply your personal messages.


eleven. Submit the Proper Kinds of Content material

Facebook has several types of posts. Textual content posts, hyperlink posts, photograph posts, video posts, polls, advertisements, and so forth. You have to combine issues up on a every day and weekly foundation, posting a few of every sort. Discover the best stability amongst kinds of media you’ll be able to create.


  1. Submit on the Proper Occasions

A lot has been said about posting on the proper time of day for max social publicity and engagement. It’s your job to seek out these proper occasions in your viewers, relatively than to parrot what different individuals are doing for his or her pages. You can even contemplate posting off peak hours, for the late night time infomercial impact.


thirteen. Use Higher Photographs

There’s quite a bit to study photographs on Fb. Decide the proper measurement and form for a given submit. Use the proper fashion of picture, be it images or digital artwork. Add textual content, or don’t. Ensure that the decision is excessive sufficient, it’s not compressed to hell, and that it’s readable on cellular units. Study your way around image formats, or rent a graphic designer.


  1. Use Buyer Service Alternatives

Facebook customers will typically come to you for customer support questions. Some it is possible for you to to reply publicly, as they influence most of your customers. Others it would be best to take to a personal dialogue. You need to by no means ignore customer support; it converts annoyed customers into model advocates.


  1. Devalue the Significance of Attain

Attain, by itself, isn’t a potent metric, for one purpose. Who cares in case your submit reaches 1,000 or 5,000 of your customers? When it reaches 5,000, the highest 1,000 are nonetheless your thousand most engaged customers. The individuals you really need partaking together with your model are going to be amongst these in even the smallest attain numbers. Attain isn’t as essential as many individuals appear to assume.…


Our Environmental Credentials – WashMates | Laundry delivered | Uber for laundry tucson la




The Washmates Laundry Group is constantly researching and implementing new methods to ensure all our operations are as environmentally efficient and effective as possible.


Since 2004 our Washmates laundries have saved between 45-60% of the water used per kg of work processed. They have also reduced the fuel used by 27% and electricity savings range from 6% up to 27%. As well as reducing the impact on the environment, these efforts have attracted Awards for water and energy efficiency and supported our drive to be as competitive as possible in the market.


Heat Recovery


Equipment is used at all Washmates laundries to recover the waste heat from the water and condensate to heat the incoming water

Water Recovery

Investments in a mix of stand-alone water recovery systems have been made, such as:


The WashMates system at our Nottingham site which recycles 80% of water and heat

Smaller units recovering 40% of the water

New washers recycling their own water

Innovation & New Technology


Tracking technology has been installed in our transport fleet allowing us to monitor and so reduce fuel consumption

We have introduced a Variable Standing Order system (VSO) to improve the services to our customers and at the same time maximise the loading of our vehicles every day of the week.

Our Washmates Environmental Policy

The Washmates Laundry Group’s activities include an extensive range of laundry, hygiene and dry cleaning services and products to industrial and commercial customers. Washmates is aware that laundry processes have an impact on the environment such as resource, energy, and chemical utilisation and waste production. Therefore, Washmates is committed to minimising these impacts and continually improving the company’s environmental performance. To achieve this goal, Washmates will:


Establish effective environmental management systems, which, through monitoring and auditing, will continually improve Washmates’s environmental performance.

Adhere to all relevant legislation, and be aware of forthcoming European Union and US environmental legislation, including TSA (Textile Services Association) and Health & Safety Environmental Guidelines.

Monitor and strive to improve all environmental effects, which are considered to have significant environmental impacts, by identifying areas that could be improved on – energy usage, recycling, noise, pollution and packaging.

Aim to reduce the use of non-renewable energy sources at all operational stages.

Choose the most environmentally friendly and practical option when taking decisions regarding waste management.

Make available records that are inherent in an environmental management system to both customers and the general public, where appropriate.

Purchase from suppliers whose products have least detrimental effect on the environment

Aim to raise the awareness of all of its employees through communication and training…


Christian Ethics and Neostocism




The Christian Ethics section contains material on natural law theory, divine command theory, moral relativism (with a detailed piece on cultural relativism), and just war theory.


Natural Law Theory

The material on natural law theory briefly outlines this approach to ethics, contrasting classical natural law theory with its Thomist development.


Divine Command Theory

The divine command theory section includes a discussion of the most common objection to divine command theory, namely the Euthyphro dilemma, and a summary of Plato’s dialogue, the Euthyphro, in which this argument has its origin. The various specific objections to divine command theory that are raised by the Euthyphro dilemma—the independence problem, the arbitrariness problem, the emptiness problem, and the problem of abhorrent commands—each receive individual attention.


Moral Relativism

The section on moral relativism begins with an explanation of the view that morality is relative, that there are no absolute ethical truths. Two forms of relativism are distinguished: ethical subjectivism and cultural relativism. These are then contrasted with the view, sometimes mistaken for relativism but actually consistent with moral objectivism, that different people have different duties depending on their circumstances.


Also available is a more Neostocism detailed look at cultural relativism, the theory that moral truths only hold relative to specific cultural contexts. This consists of an overview of this theory, and some comments about its strengths and weaknesses.


Just War Theory

Just war theory concerns when it is legitimate to go to war. Based on Thomas Aquinas‘s account, it identifies various conditions that must be met; for instance, war can only justly be waged with right intentions, and when there is some probability of success.…

PR Studio

WordPress tips, tricks and hacks by PR Studio | PR for studios | PR packages LA





Introduction to course series “WordPress tips, tricks and hacks”

Before starting with the course “WordPress tips, tricks and hacks” I would like to thank you for choosing me to train you on this topic.


Why I made this course?

When I am on the internet surfing through different awesome looking websites, most of the time I come across a feature on a website, and then I just start thinking : How can I get this on my WordPress website as well. And if you are a crazy wordpress developer then I bet you have experienced the very same feeling too. There are times when you want a feature which you just saw, but do not know where to look for the tricks, or even what tricks to look for. In this tutorial I will be sharing a few of such WordPress Tips, Tricks, and Hacks that I found very useful for myself and I can assure that you will definitely find it useful too. And most importantly it is fun. That’s why I made this course, to have some fun.


I believe that this course is for advanced wordpress developers who already have knowledge of wordpress. So, if you do not have basic knowledge of wordpress then I would strongly suggest you to learn the basics and return here.


Till today I am having 4 courses on my youtube channel and in the BG web agency website training library and this is going to be the fifth course that I will be doing. And I want to say that, I am most excited about this course as compared to the other four courses that I have here. Because this course has got everything an advanced wordpress developer needs to learn.


In every video tutorial, I will be sharing you few wordpress tips, tricks and hacks. And to show you how the trick works, I will be using some code. You can download the source code for all the videos from the official website for BG web agency. And if you have any doubt or questions or complaints, you can post them in the comment section for the youtube video or on my website.


Having said that, I hope you are now fully excited about this new course on “WordPress Tips, Tricks and Hacks”. Watch our website here PR Studio



Adding sections and fields to user profile page

The user profile page is the page in the back end of a wordpress installation that helps you manage your wordpress users which includes managing admins, editors, subscribers,contributors and authors. WordPress comes out of the box with some fields that you can manage. Like the name, email and website details and etc.


But what if you want to add more fields to this form? For example say that when a user is added to your website you want the user to mention it’s designation also. Or maybe a field to mention date of birth of the user.


Well, in this tutorial I am going to show you how to do this with the help of a demo.



the filter Hook

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to use a filter called “the_filter”. “the_filter” is as the name says a filter hook which allows you to filter anything in wordpress. In my case here, I will be filtering the content on my wordpress website.


Let me show you that with the help of a demo.



Insert page or post programmatically

I guess you already know how to create a post or page by using the admin area of your wordpress website. In this tutorial I am going to show you how to create a post or a page programmatically. Now, you might be thinking why would you need to do that. WordPress already have a nice admin section to create posts and pages then what is the need of adding posts and pages from somewhere else. The reason is, maybe you have a scenario where you do not want a particular user to access your wordpress backend. So, what you can do is create a form in the front end of your website and through that form you can allow the user to insert a post or page programmatically.


To do this, we are going to use a function called wp_insert_post(). To demonstrate how the function works, I will be showing you a simple example to create posts and I expect you to take this knowledge further and implement with forms or anywhere you want for your project.


So, let’s jump to the demo.



Display random posts

WordPress by default shows you the posts in reverse chronological order, which means it shows you the latest posts on the top and the older ones later.


But have you ever wanted your website to have this cool feature to display random posts every time your visitor arrives? So that each time the visitor refresh the page, it will deliver a new post. Well in this tutorial I am going to show you how to do that.


Let’s jump to the demo.



Image thumbnails in wordpress

In this tutorial I am going to teach you how to create custom thumbnail sizes and then apply it to the featured images of your wordpress posts.



Admin notices in wordpress

In most of my wordpress themes, I always display some guidelines or rules on backend of my wordpress website. What I do is, I display a message box right on the top of every pages in the backend. So, in this tutorial I am going to show you how to display notices on each page of your wordpress backend and then I will also show you how to write conditional statements so that the notices shows only on particular pages and not appear on each and every page.


In order to display the notices we will be using an action hook called all_admin_notices.


Let’s jump to the demo by PR Studio.


PART 8 :

Display Relative Dates in WordPress

Have you ever wondered how to display relative dates on your wordpress website? Actually it is pretty easy.


All You would need to do is download a plugin called WP-Relative Date.


Once you have downloaded and activated the plugin, the date and time for posts on your wordpress website is automatically going to switch to relative mode.


In case you want to display the relative date or time anywhere inside of your post or in your code then you can use the shortcodes:…

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The Best Buy 2022 Calendars Which You May Learn About Today


The Seaboard 2022 Wall Calendar contains monthly art by Daniel Pollera of tranquil, relaxing beachside moments. The Nation Welcome 2022 Wall Calendar contains monthly art by Laura Berry of enchanting rural landscapes, using its shady groves, calm lake state, and subtropical cabins. Bring the Sierra Nevada wilderness into your desk and revel in all of it through the year. A little bit large, this easel calendar is ideal for brightening even the tiniest spaces that provide a pop-up character and rapid monthly benchmark. These natural beauties are filled with vibrancy and rich feel, offering both calmness and excitement through the ye… These natural wonders have been portrayed in vibrant classic posters, several of which have been made by the WPA and the National Park… Pick a National Park desk calendar if you’d like a calendar that could be set on your dining table. Several of America’s most striking landscapes are seen in Yellowstone National Park.

The very first United States National Park, created in 1872, was Yellowstone. Stand in awe of Old Faithful, climb Half Dome, tour the Grand Canyon, and Revel in the magnificent treasures of the National Parks Buy 2022 Calendars. For your wall, then you may pick a National Park wall calendar. Some like us may feel very happy about purchasing the 2022 Lang Folk Art calendar. With a good paper grade, the National Park calendar may endure for quite a while, maybe not easily ripped, and the color will retain through the year. This stunning calendar stipulates these imperial views but supplies more: comprehension t… The educational and popular magazine Geographic showcases lots of the gorgeous parks around Canada.

With Rocky Mountains, lush woods, and powerful rivers, Colorado is abundant with natural beauty. From coast to coast and beyond, the wonder of America’s national parks is indescribable. Folks from all around the world come annually to Yosemite Valley to become uplifted and improved with its amazing beauty. ‘s kids, and those that come after you, since the one great sight which each… Inspired by classic poster art in the late 1800s into the mid-1900s, those first posters from the Anderson Design Group spotlight excellent travel destinations that a… A desk-pad calendar, or blotter,” is a wonderful means to ensure that your schedule is right in front of you. Some like us may feel joyful about purchasing the 2022 National Park calendar. Spiral-bound and printed on thick card stock, you can spend the year researching stunning and identifying perspectives with those full-color, shiny photos. Spiral-bound and published ……