Our Environmental Credentials – WashMates | Laundry delivered | Uber for laundry tucson la


Our Environmental Credentials – WashMates | Laundry delivered | Uber for laundry tucson la




The Washmates Laundry Group is constantly researching and implementing new methods to ensure all our operations are as environmentally efficient and effective as possible.


Since 2004 our Washmates laundries have saved between 45-60% of the water used per kg of work processed. They have also reduced the fuel used by 27% and electricity savings range from 6% up to 27%. As well as reducing the impact on the environment, these efforts have attracted Awards for water and energy efficiency and supported our drive to be as competitive as possible in the market.


Heat Recovery


Equipment is used at all Washmates laundries to recover the waste heat from the water and condensate to heat the incoming water

Water Recovery

Investments in a mix of stand-alone water recovery systems have been made, such as:


The WashMates system at our Nottingham site which recycles 80% of water and heat

Smaller units recovering 40% of the water

New washers recycling their own water

Innovation & New Technology


Tracking technology has been installed in our transport fleet allowing us to monitor and so reduce fuel consumption

We have introduced a Variable Standing Order system (VSO) to improve the services to our customers and at the same time maximise the loading of our vehicles every day of the week.

Our Washmates Environmental Policy

The Washmates Laundry Group’s activities include an extensive range of laundry, hygiene and dry cleaning services and products to industrial and commercial customers. Washmates is aware that laundry processes have an impact on the environment such as resource, energy, and chemical utilisation and waste production. Therefore, Washmates is committed to minimising these impacts and continually improving the company’s environmental performance. To achieve this goal, Washmates will:


Establish effective environmental management systems, which, through monitoring and auditing, will continually improve Washmates’s environmental performance.

Adhere to all relevant legislation, and be aware of forthcoming European Union and US environmental legislation, including TSA (Textile Services Association) and Health & Safety Environmental Guidelines.

Monitor and strive to improve all environmental effects, which are considered to have significant environmental impacts, by identifying areas that could be improved on – energy usage, recycling, noise, pollution and packaging.

Aim to reduce the use of non-renewable energy sources at all operational stages.

Choose the most environmentally friendly and practical option when taking decisions regarding waste management.

Make available records that are inherent in an environmental management system to both customers and the general public, where appropriate.

Purchase from suppliers whose products have least detrimental effect on the environment

Aim to raise the awareness of all of its employees through communication and training…


Puffazon and Amazon of smoke supplies



Nicotine Patch Helps Smokeless Tobacco Users Quit, But Maintaining Abstinence May Require Additional Treatment


Smokeless Tobacco Warning: This Product May Cause Mouth Cancer

An estimated 9.6 million people in the United States used smokeless tobacco products – moist snuff and chewing tobacco – during 1998, according to the National Household Survey on Drug Abuse. More than 70 percent of these individuals had used smokeless tobacco during the month before they were surveyed.


People who are trying to quit using smokeless tobacco may benefit from a transdermal nicotine patch during the first critical months after stopping use, a NIDA-supported study suggests. Study participants treated with the nicotine patch experienced less severe withdrawal symptoms and lower levels of craving for nicotine and were significantly more likely to maintain short-term abstinence than users in a control group who were treated with an inactive patch. Treatment with nicotine-free mint snuff also reduced withdrawal symptoms and craving but had no effect on abstinence rates.


“These findings suggest that the nicotine patch can reduce the discomfort that people experience when quitting smokeless tobacco,” says Dr. Dorothy Hatsukami of the University of Minnesota School of Medicine, who conducted the study. “Knowing that withdrawal symptoms can be minimized may encourage more people to try to quit,” she says. While the study suggests that the nicotine patch may help patients achieve initial abstinence from smokeless tobacco, it remains unclear how the patch and other treatments should be used to sustain abstinence over the long term, she says.


Smokeless Tobacco Warning by Puffazon: This Product Is Not A Safe Alternative To Smoking

Most tobacco-related research has focused on cigarette smoking with its more extensive range of harmful consequences, Dr. Hatsukami says. “However, we also need to study smokeless tobacco use because it is not an insignificant problem by any means,” she says. Regular use of smokeless tobacco products may cause such problems as receding gums, tooth decay, mouth sores, precancerous lesions, and cancers of the mouth and throat. Smokeless tobacco users also may be at increased risk of heart disease and smoking cigarettes. Undesirable social consequences include bad breath, tobacco-stained teeth, and the need to spit tobacco juice.


Many individuals use smokeless tobacco despite its obvious drawbacks because they are hooked on nicotine, a highly addictive drug. As with cigarettes, smokeless tobacco products deliver substantial doses of nicotine along with powerful cancer-causing chemicals. Users of moist snuff – which consists of finely ground tobacco – place a pinch, or dip, of snuff between their cheek and gum and hold it there. Users of chewing tobacco – which comes in leaf and plug forms – place a wad, or chew, in their cheek pouch and chew it. Because nicotine from smokeless tobacco is absorbed through the mouth, the drug takes longer to produce its rewarding effect in the brain than it does when it is absorbed through the lungs during cigarette smoking. The amount of nicotine obtained from smokeless tobacco is comparable to that of cigarettes, and once smokeless tobacco users become addicted they find it just as difficult as cigarette smokers do to quit, Dr. Hatsukami says. She notes that more than 90 percent of the smokeless tobacco users in her study had tried unsuccessfully to quit on their own at least once. Nearly 25 percent of the study’s participants had made more than 6 unsuccessful quit attempts, and nearly 10 percent had tried to quit more than 10 times.…


Christian Ethics and Neostocism




The Christian Ethics section contains material on natural law theory, divine command theory, moral relativism (with a detailed piece on cultural relativism), and just war theory.


Natural Law Theory

The material on natural law theory briefly outlines this approach to ethics, contrasting classical natural law theory with its Thomist development.


Divine Command Theory

The divine command theory section includes a discussion of the most common objection to divine command theory, namely the Euthyphro dilemma, and a summary of Plato’s dialogue, the Euthyphro, in which this argument has its origin. The various specific objections to divine command theory that are raised by the Euthyphro dilemma—the independence problem, the arbitrariness problem, the emptiness problem, and the problem of abhorrent commands—each receive individual attention.


Moral Relativism

The section on moral relativism begins with an explanation of the view that morality is relative, that there are no absolute ethical truths. Two forms of relativism are distinguished: ethical subjectivism and cultural relativism. These are then contrasted with the view, sometimes mistaken for relativism but actually consistent with moral objectivism, that different people have different duties depending on their circumstances.


Also available is a more Neostocism detailed look at cultural relativism, the theory that moral truths only hold relative to specific cultural contexts. This consists of an overview of this theory, and some comments about its strengths and weaknesses.


Just War Theory

Just war theory concerns when it is legitimate to go to war. Based on Thomas Aquinas‘s account, it identifies various conditions that must be met; for instance, war can only justly be waged with right intentions, and when there is some probability of success.…

PR Studio

WordPress tips, tricks and hacks by PR Studio | PR for studios | PR packages LA





Introduction to course series “WordPress tips, tricks and hacks”

Before starting with the course “WordPress tips, tricks and hacks” I would like to thank you for choosing me to train you on this topic.


Why I made this course?

When I am on the internet surfing through different awesome looking websites, most of the time I come across a feature on a website, and then I just start thinking : How can I get this on my WordPress website as well. And if you are a crazy wordpress developer then I bet you have experienced the very same feeling too. There are times when you want a feature which you just saw, but do not know where to look for the tricks, or even what tricks to look for. In this tutorial I will be sharing a few of such WordPress Tips, Tricks, and Hacks that I found very useful for myself and I can assure that you will definitely find it useful too. And most importantly it is fun. That’s why I made this course, to have some fun.


I believe that this course is for advanced wordpress developers who already have knowledge of wordpress. So, if you do not have basic knowledge of wordpress then I would strongly suggest you to learn the basics and return here.


Till today I am having 4 courses on my youtube channel and in the BG web agency website training library and this is going to be the fifth course that I will be doing. And I want to say that, I am most excited about this course as compared to the other four courses that I have here. Because this course has got everything an advanced wordpress developer needs to learn.


In every video tutorial, I will be sharing you few wordpress tips, tricks and hacks. And to show you how the trick works, I will be using some code. You can download the source code for all the videos from the official website for BG web agency. And if you have any doubt or questions or complaints, you can post them in the comment section for the youtube video or on my website.


Having said that, I hope you are now fully excited about this new course on “WordPress Tips, Tricks and Hacks”. Watch our website here PR Studio



Adding sections and fields to user profile page

The user profile page is the page in the back end of a wordpress installation that helps you manage your wordpress users which includes managing admins, editors, subscribers,contributors and authors. WordPress comes out of the box with some fields that you can manage. Like the name, email and website details and etc.


But what if you want to add more fields to this form? For example say that when a user is added to your website you want the user to mention it’s designation also. Or maybe a field to mention date of birth of the user.


Well, in this tutorial I am going to show you how to do this with the help of a demo.



the filter Hook

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to use a filter called “the_filter”. “the_filter” is as the name says a filter hook which allows you to filter anything in wordpress. In my case here, I will be filtering the content on my wordpress website.


Let me show you that with the help of a demo.



Insert page or post programmatically

I guess you already know how to create a post or page by using the admin area of your wordpress website. In this tutorial I am going to show you how to create a post or a page programmatically. Now, you might be thinking why would you need to do that. WordPress already have a nice admin section to create posts and pages then what is the need of adding posts and pages from somewhere else. The reason is, maybe you have a scenario where you do not want a particular user to access your wordpress backend. So, what you can do is create a form in the front end of your website and through that form you can allow the user to insert a post or page programmatically.


To do this, we are going to use a function called wp_insert_post(). To demonstrate how the function works, I will be showing you a simple example to create posts and I expect you to take this knowledge further and implement with forms or anywhere you want for your project.


So, let’s jump to the demo.



Display random posts

WordPress by default shows you the posts in reverse chronological order, which means it shows you the latest posts on the top and the older ones later.


But have you ever wanted your website to have this cool feature to display random posts every time your visitor arrives? So that each time the visitor refresh the page, it will deliver a new post. Well in this tutorial I am going to show you how to do that.


Let’s jump to the demo.



Image thumbnails in wordpress

In this tutorial I am going to teach you how to create custom thumbnail sizes and then apply it to the featured images of your wordpress posts.



Admin notices in wordpress

In most of my wordpress themes, I always display some guidelines or rules on backend of my wordpress website. What I do is, I display a message box right on the top of every pages in the backend. So, in this tutorial I am going to show you how to display notices on each page of your wordpress backend and then I will also show you how to write conditional statements so that the notices shows only on particular pages and not appear on each and every page.


In order to display the notices we will be using an action hook called all_admin_notices.


Let’s jump to the demo by PR Studio.


PART 8 :

Display Relative Dates in WordPress

Have you ever wondered how to display relative dates on your wordpress website? Actually it is pretty easy.


All You would need to do is download a plugin called WP-Relative Date.


Once you have downloaded and activated the plugin, the date and time for posts on your wordpress website is automatically going to switch to relative mode.


In case you want to display the relative date or time anywhere inside of your post or in your code then you can use the shortcodes:…

Melatonin Vape

Health hazards of smokeless cigarettes and Melatonin Vape




Smokeless tobacco items might expose individuals to lower levels regarding harmful chemicals than tobacco smoke, nevertheless that doesn’t mean these kinds of products are a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes.


Smokeless tobacco consists of nicotine, which will result in addiction, in addition to lots of chemicals of which can cause cancers.


Health problems associated with smokeless tobacco include the following:


Addiction. Pure nicotine is the chemical which enables tobacco addictive. Research suggests of which people who use smokeless tobacco obtain as much or even more nicotine straight into their bodies as people who smoke cigarettes. Just like smoking, withdrawal from electric tobacco might cause intensive cravings, irritability plus depressed mood.


Cancer. The use of chewing tobacco plus other smokeless smoking cigarettes products increases the threat of cancer of the mouth, throat plus pancreas. Smokeless cigarettes also increases typically the likelihood of developing smaller white patches inside your mouth named leUSoplakia (loo-koh-PLAY-key-uh). These kinds of patches are precancerous? meaning that that they have the potential to turn into cancer.


Heart disease. Several forms of smokeless cigarette and Melatonin Vape increase your heart price and blood pressure. Extensive use of smokeless tobacco increases your current risk of about to die of heart disease and stroke.


Oral disease. The sweets and irritants inside smokeless tobacco items can cause major, abrasion of tooth, teeth staining, poor breath, gingivitis, receding gums, bone damage around roots and even tooth loss.

Maternity risk. Using smokeless tobacco during maternity boosts the risk regarding stillbirth, low beginning weight and cardiovascular rate variability inside of infants.


Poisoning chance. The candy-like look and flavors of some smokeless cigarette products make all of them appealing to children. Eating these items can result in nicotine poisoning. Nicotine poisoning in kids may cause nausea or vomiting, vomiting, weakness, convulsions, unresponsiveness, trouble breathing in and even death.

Quitting tobacco

Manufacturers may imply that smokeless tobacco will help you give up smoking, but this hasn’t been turned out. Because of typically the health risks, electric tobacco products usually are a good alternate to give up smoking.


In the event that you use biting tobacco or some other forms of smokeless tobacco, consider choices to help you quit. Your medical professional can be a great resource plus can assist you in creating15006 some sort of quit plan.


Sources developed for smoking cessation can help a person stop using smokeless tobacco. The following concours have been discovered most effective throughout research about kicking the habit of chewing tobacco plus other smokeless items:


Behavioral interventions? this sort of as telephone companies, self-help materials and even counseling? can offer you with support and help a person develop coping expertise.


Nicotine replacement therapy using typically the patch, gum or lozenges may help reduce cravings for tobacco products.

Medication. Two non-nicotine prescription medications are approved in reducing nicotine revulsion symptoms.…

Buy 2022 Calendars

The Best Buy 2022 Calendars Which You May Learn About Today


The Seaboard 2022 Wall Calendar contains monthly art by Daniel Pollera of tranquil, relaxing beachside moments. The Nation Welcome 2022 Wall Calendar contains monthly art by Laura Berry of enchanting rural landscapes, using its shady groves, calm lake state, and subtropical cabins. Bring the Sierra Nevada wilderness into your desk and revel in all of it through the year. A little bit large, this easel calendar is ideal for brightening even the tiniest spaces that provide a pop-up character and rapid monthly benchmark. These natural beauties are filled with vibrancy and rich feel, offering both calmness and excitement through the ye… These natural wonders have been portrayed in vibrant classic posters, several of which have been made by the WPA and the National Park… Pick a National Park desk calendar if you’d like a calendar that could be set on your dining table. Several of America’s most striking landscapes are seen in Yellowstone National Park.

The very first United States National Park, created in 1872, was Yellowstone. Stand in awe of Old Faithful, climb Half Dome, tour the Grand Canyon, and Revel in the magnificent treasures of the National Parks Buy 2022 Calendars. For your wall, then you may pick a National Park wall calendar. Some like us may feel very happy about purchasing the 2022 Lang Folk Art calendar. With a good paper grade, the National Park calendar may endure for quite a while, maybe not easily ripped, and the color will retain through the year. This stunning calendar stipulates these imperial views but supplies more: comprehension t… The educational and popular magazine Geographic showcases lots of the gorgeous parks around Canada.

With Rocky Mountains, lush woods, and powerful rivers, Colorado is abundant with natural beauty. From coast to coast and beyond, the wonder of America’s national parks is indescribable. Folks from all around the world come annually to Yosemite Valley to become uplifted and improved with its amazing beauty. ‘s kids, and those that come after you, since the one great sight which each… Inspired by classic poster art in the late 1800s into the mid-1900s, those first posters from the Anderson Design Group spotlight excellent travel destinations that a… A desk-pad calendar, or blotter,” is a wonderful means to ensure that your schedule is right in front of you. Some like us may feel joyful about purchasing the 2022 National Park calendar. Spiral-bound and printed on thick card stock, you can spend the year researching stunning and identifying perspectives with those full-color, shiny photos. Spiral-bound and published ……

Togel Singapore

UK National Lottery Togel Singapore To Fund 2012 London Olympics



Welsh charities and sports bodies could lose up to £36 million if the UK government decides to divert national lottery funds to pay for the 2012 London Olympics according to Welsh culture minister Alun Pugh.


In a letter to Tessa Jowell obtained by the BBC, Pugh outlines concerns from a lottery body and a group working with voluntary organisations, who warn that a loss of funding would see a number of projects “go to the wall”


He said: “The fall in income will have a significant impact on the ability of distributors in Wales to meet their requirements and to fund worthy projects across the good causes.


“Any increase in the National Lottery’s commitment to the 2012 Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games will inevitably impact on Welsh distributors and Welsh good causes.”


Pugh went on to add that the letter was just sending an early word of caution about who actually would be picking up the tab for the cost overruns.


“If all cost overruns fell on the lottery, that could have quite a significant impact on sporting, artistic and cultural projects across Wales and that would be quite disappointing to see that happening,” he added.


Alberta Gaming Commission Eyes Internet Gaming Regulation


The Alberta Togel Singapore Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) in Canada attempted to clear up media circus regarding the Province’s alleged interest in I-gaming regulation.


“I guess some of the media had exaggerated and were basically saying that we were moving ahead with that, and that’s not the case at all,” said Stephanie Francis, a spokeswoman for the AGLC. “We’re not moving ahead in any way.”


Various news sources on Wednesday reported that the AGLC had commissioned a poll, conducted via telephone and Internet, to determine how Albertans felt about online gambling.


Francis said that the survey was designed to keep the AGLC “abreast of the gaming industry market,” and that this survey was one of several that the commission regularly conducts.


“We conduct surveys and look for input on a variety of subjects; this is just one of them,” she said.


Francis did suggest, however, that the AGLC was not entirely indifferent to the idea of I-gaming regulation.


“Eventually . . . we’ll look at developing an Internet strategy, but that will be very, very far down the road,” she said.


No preliminary results have been made public; Francis said the survey is still ongoing, and is being conducted by an unnamed third party.


The AGLC has planned to make the results public, though no timeframe has been offered regarding their release.


“My understanding is that we will be sharing the results,” she said. “As to how and when, we don’t have any timelines yet . . . eventually, they will be made public.”





Togel Online




Would you wait to claim a £14.2m jackpot A £14.2m lottery winner from Wiltshire has finally come forward more than a fortnight after scooping the prize.

Lottery operator Camelot said the lucky ticket holder had owned up on Friday after the company appealed for him to claim the cash.


The ticket for the double rollover Lotto draw on Wednesday 14 April was bought in the county – the winning numbers were: 1, 3, 22, 32, 38 and 44.


Camelot has not released any further details about the winner.


Camelot chief executive Dianne Thompson said: “I am thrilled that the mystery ticket holder has finally come forward to claim the prize.”


Winners have 180 days to come forward to claim their prize before the money goes into a fund to benefit good causes.


The Wiltshire winner has missed out on about £20,000 interest for the days the prize was unclaimed.




One winning Euro Millions lottery ticket was sold in France for a record 33 million euros (US$39 million).

Euro Millions, a multi-country lottery game currently played in France, Spain, and the United Kingdom, was launched in February.


Jackpots start at 15 million Euros (US$17.7 million), and grow until there is a winner.


The jackpot is the only prize that is shared among all Euro Millions countries; all lower-tier prizes are determined based on the amount of sales and winning tickets within each individual country.


The previous record Euro Millions jackpot of 25.5 million euros ($30.3 million) was won by a British woman on April 9.


Euro Millions is unique among premier lotto games in that players select two bonus numbers (called “Lucky Stars”) in addition to 5 regular lotto numbers. Traditionally, multi-jurisdiction games are drawn with one bonus number.


Drawings for Euro Millions are held every Friday at 9:00 PM GMT (4:00 PM New York, USA time).


One Lotto Ticket Wins $11 Million Jackpot


One ticket matched all six Florida Lotto numbers to win a jackpot of $11 million, lottery officials said Sunday.


The winning Togel Online ticket was bought in the city of Miami, officials said.


A total of 134 tickets matched five numbers to win $3,511; 6,182 tickets matched four numbers for $61.50; and 118,953 tickets matched three numbers for $4.50. The winning Florida Lotto numbers selected Saturday: 4-12-18-25-31-48.…

Keluaran Sgp

No Deposit Keluaran Sgp Bonus



Online casinos offer different types of bonuses, such as sign up bonus, no deposit bonus, loyalty bonus, etc. Among them, no deposit bonus is certainly the most popular one. The reason is obvious – one does not have to make any deposit in order to play the games. All you have to do is sign up for free and collect the bonus amount without making even a single deposit. Quite certainly, this form of bonus will particularly attract new players or beginners. So, what no deposit bonus is all about?


Through no deposit bonuses, casinos allow the players to earn free money in the form of casino bonus, without giving much effort. Apart from the no deposit aspect of free bonuses, they are also updated on regular basis. A lot of websites provide review and link of no deposit bonuses offered by different online casinos. So, it is quite easy to know about them and get regular updates about them as well.


How to choose No Deposit casino bonuses?


When it comes to no deposit bonuses, online casinos offer them as Welcome bonuses or simply in the form of bonus codes that one has to enter to avail the bonus amount. So, it is basically a way to entice new players to try the casino site. Players hope that they could win some good money by using the free cash, and it would be exciting too, which in turn would keep the players coming back to the online casino. However, it is still important to have some idea about choosing the no deposit casino bonuses.


If you take a look at the amount of no deposit bonuses offered by different casino sites, you will find that they are usually quite small. And even if they are big, they might incorporate some betting requirements that are tough to meet. However, you can surely use the free cash to play casino games. In fact, you can even withdraw the winning amount once you meet the betting requirements.


Only a handful of online casinos offer no deposit free play bonuses, and such online casinos are usually referred or listed as Money for Nothing Service. Now, if you really want to make most of the no deposit bonuses, better choose some particular games. You should always take a look at the betting requirements before making your decision. Some of the good options to choose are – no deposit blackjack, no deposit casino slots, no deposit casino roulette, no deposit casino video poker, etc.


Online vs Offline Gambling

Gambling activities have millions of fans all across the world. This has made the gambling comes tension free as they need not wait for the players now. Players too have lots have attractive options in selecting any kind of game based on their requirements. The major option they have is choosing between the online games and the downloadable games. If you wish to go for the former ones, you will have greater speed options for every hour. It eventually means that you can enjoy lots and lots of games in very less amount of time.


In addition to this, the internet games offer the real experience to the player. When you are selecting internet games, you need not worry about its quality. Besides the quality, these web based games will also let you have the same fun and environment of the actual casino to enjoy in long term. Apart from offline gambling games, online gambling also have many advantages. The very first and the most common benefit is that you can learn basic and significant skills using the software.


Nowadays, many Keluaran Sgp casino websites are conducting poker schools to teach the players about important skills. They also ensure the players that they can win much without losing anything. In addition to this, you need not have to spend high amount of money at the online games, just start the action immediately. You simply have to make first deposit of about 1 or 2 cents and begin your game.


On the contrary, in the land or traditional casinos you need to deposit about 1 or 2 dollars. After knowing the significant information about the online gambling as well as offline gambling, the ultimate decision is of the player in selecting the kind of gambling he wants.







One of the most fascinating poker questions is: Why do so many people play so badly? Most of them know better, but they keep making the same mistakes. Even well-read people don’t play as well as they can. For example, Mason Malmuth told me, “We’ve sold more than 63,000 copies of Hold’em Poker for Advanced Players and almost as many copies of The Theory of Poker, but only a small number of people apply the lessons well.” I’ve studied both books many times and talked repeatedly to the authors, but I don’t play as well as I should, and you probably don’t, either. We aren’t stupid; we can understand the books we read. So, why don’t we play as well as we know how to play?

The answer is surprisingly simple: It’s more fun to play badly than well. Of course, winning is more fun than losing, but trying to maximize our profits would force us to do lots of unpleasant things. In fact, profit maximization makes such extreme demands that only a few, extraordinarily disciplined people play their best game most of the time, and nobody always plays it.


A Classic Misunderstanding


Most poker writers and economists claim that people are driven primarily by the profit motive, but the evidence is overwhelming that other desires affect most actions. We may claim to want to maximize our profits in poker (as well as in business, the stock market, and so on), but our actions contradict that claim. In my last column (“Freud and Poker”), I discussed the effects of unconscious factors, but many of the reasons for bad play are right out in the open. Let’s look at a few extremely common mistakes. If we were really trying to maximize our profits, these mistakes could not possibly occur so frequently. There must be other factors at work.


Playing Too Many Hands


The very first lesson we learned was to play tightly, but nearly all of us play too many hands. We have read countless warnings against it, but we still do it. Why? Because it’s boring to fold hand after hand. So, we “take a shot,” playing a hand we know we should fold. Sometimes it pays off, and we kid ourselves that we don’t have to follow those silly rules; we can profitably play hands that less talented players should muck. We may even congratulate ourselves for our “courage” or “flexibility.” When playing a weak hand costs us serious money, we may vow, “Never again,” but we soon find an excuse to break that vow.




We chase with weak hands for the same reason, plus the self-defeating desire to “protect our investment.” We’ve gone this far, so we throw good Dominoqq money after bad. Sometimes we catch a miracle card to win a large pot, and we remember it long after we have forgotten all the bets we wasted. We know that chasing is foolish, but it pays off frequently enough to let us pretend we can get away with it.


Playing Too Aggressively


It’s easy to justify betting and raising with weak or marginal hands. We know that all the top players are aggressive, and an extremely aggressive style works well in many situations, such as very tight games, especially shorthanded ones, and heads-up pots. I am not talking about those situations. I’m referring to ones in which we know we should be less aggressive, but play aggressively anyway. Instead of recognizing our mistake, we may remember the times that everyone folded, letting us win a small pot, or we sucked out to win a large one. We may ignore all the bets we wasted or treat them as “just a cost of doing business,” or “advertising so we get action when we’ve got a monster.”


Playing Too Passively


If we prefer to play passively, we can easily find good excuses to justify our preference. We just remember the times we saved money by not betting or raising, ignore the pots we lost by giving away free or cheap cards, or insist, “Nothing I could do would get those idiots to fold.”


Showing Cards


It’s so tempting to show our cards that almost everyone does it occasionally. If we made a successful bluff or a great laydown, we want people to know how smart we are. If we had aces cracked by someone playing 7-3 offsuit, we want sympathy for our terrible luck. Of course, we’ve read that we shouldn’t give away information, but we can always think of a good excuse for violating that rule “just this once.”


Choosing the Wrong Games


We’ve all joined games we should have avoided, then stayed in them long after we knew it was a mistake. Perhaps we couldn’t stand the thought of losing to these weak players, or we didn’t want to admit that the game was too tough for us. We let our pride or other foolishness cost us lots of money.




We make lots of other foolish mistakes, such as trying to beat a specific person (the jerk or the expert), showing off for a woman (or a man), and playing above our bankroll. Perhaps “fun” is the wrong word. I’ve defined it loosely to mean any short-term satisfactions that directly reduce long-term profits. What is “fun” to you might turn me off. The important point is that you or I will pay a high price for “fun.”


Because we get pleasure from different sources, you and I make different kinds of mistakes, but all of these mistakes must be caused by something other than the desire to maximize profits. Despite the evidence, countless players and writers insist that people strive to win as much as possible. I find it amusing that so many people insist on rationality, while committing the supremely irrational act of denying reality. If you believe that most people seriously want to maximize profits, ask yourself a few questions:


  1. Have you seen most or all of these mistakes — plus many others — committed more times than you can count? 2. Have you made many of these mistakes, not just when you were a beginner, but the last time you played? 3. Do you and most other people know better? That is, have you all been told again and again that you should not do this or that? 4. Despite that information, do you all continue to make the same mistakes?

If the answer to most or all of these questions is “yes,” it is extremely illogical to believe in the myth of profit maximization. Your answers to these questions clearly and unequivocally say that some other “irrational” forces must be operating.

We have read countless exhortations to “get into the other players’ heads,” but we — and I certainly include myself — don’t try hard enough to understand the other players’ motives. Why do they act so foolishly?


Understanding our own motives is even more important. We already know much more strategy than we apply properly, but we don’t know why we keep making the same mistakes. Since our problem is not a lack of information, the best way to improve our game is not to study more strategy. It is to learn why we don’t apply the lessons we have already learned, then ensure that we do apply them. Until we understand and control our own motives — including the unconscious ones — we cannot possibly play our best.